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PS3 Can Record TV and Play Games

… but will it do both at the same time?

commenter rjcc over on makes a very, very good comment. there’s a reason the xbox 360 is a media extender and not a pvr. you can play games on your 360 while your media center is recording shows. they just playback through your network from your pc to the 360.

in the ps3’s case, what’s the point of having a dvr if it can’t record shows while you’re playing games?

and, if the ps3 does both at the same time? uh… that sucks. let’s do some math!

data rate of a compressed hd video stream: about 19 megabits per second.

that’s 2.375 megabytes of data written to the hard drive per second.

that’s 142.5 megabytes a minute.

that’s 8.35 gigabytes an hour.

so, a 120 gig ps3 hard drive can hold about 14 hours of compressed video.

ew… that’s not very much nor very effective for a shared device.

and, not only is the write pipe to the ps3 hard drive gonna suck when your game has to share bandwidth with your video being recorded, but, what the hell is compressing the video? that’s right! resources in the ps3 — the very same resources that play your game. (that assumes, of course, you’ve got a pure, uncompressed hd feed. more likely, you’ll already have a compressed cable or satellite feed coming in. that way, there’s just transcoding issues…)

so, compressing/storing video and playing a game at the same time? not so much. looks like you’ll just have to buy another ps3.

and, we won’t even mention that they can choose to not compress/transcode hd video. that’s somewhere around 417 gigabytes an hour…. heh.


Wii and PS3 pipelines

so, i started to write this up as a comment, but seeing as i’m pretty much neglecting my blog until we announce our product (see raph?  no leaks here!), i figured i’d re-purpose it here.

from a representative of the “wii-haters club.”

I hope for the millions of Wii owners that there situation turns around.  The Wii is a “revolution” in the gaming industry but with little support backing it what do future generations hold?

i guess he’s just hoping for some backlash.  dunno.

however, i do know the games out for the wii right now are games that were in the pipe before it launched.  now that it’s the “hot” thing, expect the bandwagon to roll in and everyone to pile on.  that would be why every game company on the planet has reiterated their support for the wii and are announcing slews of games for it.  it starts with the ports as they already have a codebase, then, moves into exclusives.

of course, the opposite is true for the ps3.  the ps3 games working their way to market right now are games that were in development when the ps3 was hot.  now that it evidently has little public appeal, new projects for the ps3 are far and few between.  anyone seen a new third party exclusive announced for the ps3 lately?


Solid Snake on the 360

the sony defense force am cry.


UPDATE: evidently, the internet is melting.  so, i just thought i’d archive d’toid’s post here.


I have been waiting for many months to finally say this, and today is the day. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will not be a PS3 exclusive after all. It has been confirmed that it will make its way to the Xbox 360 in 2008.

There is no true date set for the release at this point, but November of 2008 has been mentioned. This is not set in stone as Konami is working with Microsoft to bring the date forward as much as possible. MGS4 for the 360 will also come with exclusive content and gameplay that will not be in the PS3 version of the game. Some of this content is VR missions, as well as “Snake Tales” or “Snake in the Valley” (depending on where you live), which will let you go on objective based missions, some of which are very lengthy. These are the first two bonuses to emerge so far, but be ready to expect even more.

Konami is also in talks with Nintendo to bring a Metal Gear Solid game to the Wii. MGS4 would obviously have to be slimmed down if the chose to port the title to Nintendo’s console. We already know that Snake will be a playable character in Super Smash Bros., so this (along with the 360 news) doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

On a personal note. HAHAHAHA! Hey Sony fanboys: At least you all have a Blu-ray player for the next year or two until that fails as well.

[Editor’s note: The opinions expressed about Sony and the PS3 belong to Ron Workman and Ron Workman only. He’s a loose cannon and a PR nightmare.]
Dear internet matlocks,

You cracked the case, good work. I understand that going to every gaming industry event, [—-edited—-], speaking to someone at Konami, and knowing this has been in the works for months, could not possibly make me as qualified as the forum post you made from your

A. Dorm room

B. Mom’s basement

C. Cell block

We all know that Sony would never give up an exclusive. I mean what’s next? Unreal Tourney? Final Fantasy? Nooo waaay! They would never loose an exclusive. Every MGS game was a Sony exclusive at one point. I can’t imagine them coming out with MGS on another console. I mean… they have never done that have they?

Next time I am with Peter Moore, Myamoto, or Phil Harrison in person, I will be sure to remind them to approve things through you, internet Matlocks, before they make any decisions.

Marillion? Who?

this just in!  phil harrison makes an ass out of himself at a marillion concert.

for god’s sake!

i know, right?

what the hell?!?!

we’re both thinking exactly the same thing — who the hell is marillion? because nobody’s really surprised when a sony rep starts acting like an asshat.


The Console Feedback Loop

just ran across this excellent piece over at the inquirer.

The three points of the triangle are cost, installed base and games. If you don’t have two of them, the third will never happen, and if you do have two, the third will come for free.

i’ve talked about it before, but it’s nice to see it articulated so well in the media.


A 360, A Hooker and a Bag of Blow

thought this was a funny bit from one of those moments of weakness where i bust out and make fun of some little sony zealot.

basically, his brief point in this small portion of a larger conversation was that an xbox 360 with 4 years of subscription to live equaled the price of a ps3.

“That’s..ummm…200 dollars for 4 years? There goes your cost advantage”

damn! your right!

tho, since you can get all those downloads on xbox live for free, you don’t need to pay the $200 for the live subscription. tho, to help make your point, i’ll show you other ways the “360 cost advantage disappears.”

you’re right, a 360 and 4 years of live — cost advantage gone!

a 360 and 4 award-winning, exclusive games — cost advantage gone!

a 360 and 100 starbucks lattes — cost advantage gone!

a 360, a hooker and a bag of blow — cost advantage gone!

do you see the difference, with the $600 the ps3 costs you, a 360 owner can have their console PLUS other stuff. best of all? they get to CHOOSE what to spend that extra $200 on! they’re not just sitting there in the dark, wiping down their dust-magnet while NOT playing games.

hmmm…  weird.  he never responded.

one of these days, i should go count up the number of “thread-enders” i’ve written.


Look Here for a PS3

so, if you were wondering where to get a ps3, there’s one down at the best buy in boise, idaho. 

however, i don’t know if it’s one of the 2 retailers that have them in stock according to

from the site:

Playstation 3 – 60GB
Local Status: 2 out of 2 retailers in your area have this item in-stock.

Item Statistics
Users Tracking: 1034
Local Users Tracking: 0
National Availability: 47%

national availability is 47%?  wow.  the shortage is apparently over with just under a million units sold and a month after launch. 

pretty telling.




look!  it found a mate and had babies!

same best buy.  half a dozen days later.

PS3 Price Over Time

so.  there’s this pseudo-report that came out today from “seeking alpha” — whatever that is.

anyway, it’s very good.  i actually agree with everything they’ve said.  analyst todd mitchell from kaufman bros. appears to have a good head on his shoulders.

i should go check his starmine rating on yahoo.  hang on….

there he is: Mitchell, Todd.  too bad he doesn’t have an accuracy rating.  somebody should really figure out how to accurately measure this stuff.

as i was saying, i read this report summary thing.  good stuff.  prompted me to put down on paper (blog) even a few thought rolling around in my head.  i actually posted it as a comment over at joystiq, but here’s the results:

39. “They will wait, like me, for PS3 to come down in price and be more available”

heh. every time someone says this, another ps3 game dies.

i know!

let’s do some math!

so, i’m pretty sure everyone will agree that consoles prices come down about 20% per year. for example, last generation’s systems would go something like this:

year 1: $300
year 2: $240
year 3: $192
year 4: $154
year 5: $123

not exact, but a pretty decent “rough estimate.”

now, let’s look at this generation’s consoles:

year 1: $400
year 2: $320, $600, $250
year 3: $256, $480, $200
year 4: $205, $384, $160
year 5: $163, $307, $128

so, all of you folks who are waiting for the ps3 to come down in price before getting one are giving the 360 and the wii a crazy software ramp-up period.

what does that mean?

that means without an install base, the ps3 won’t get the software support it needs. that’s why it dominated last generation — not because developers loved sony, but because they enough units out there that making exclusives made financial sense.

if you don’t buy a ps3 in its early life, you’re guaranteeing the only games you’ll ever see on it will be first party and ports.


Posted at 3:19PM on Dec 15th 2006 by m3mnoch 7 stars

i always knew in my head that everyone who says “i’m waiting on the price to drop” was in for a hard time.  tho, looking at the actual numbers penned, it seems even more painful than i imagined.

the 20% edict means 4 years of xbox 360 games before the ps3 even reaches the launch price of the 360.  who’s going to hold out that long?  even then, who’s going to buy a ps3 for twice what the competition is selling them for — still!  after four years!

you know what the heartbreaker is for the ps3 tho?  blu-ray.  (heh.  you saw that one coming, eh?)

the price on stand-alone blu-ray players will fall even faster than the ps3 prices.  for 2 reasons:

  1. stand-alone players don’t have cell or rsx parts to pay for too.  for other players, it’s just a manufacturing process for an optical drive that needs to be refined.
  2. sony can’t afford to subsidize like they are forever.  the ps3 needs to make money — badly.


stand-alone blu-ray players will be cheaper than the ps3.

other game consoles will be cheaper than the ps3.



5 Dumb Reasons to Like the PS3

this’s dumb. it reminds me of a stupid ps3 top 10 list that hit right before the 360 launched last year.  you know — the list that catapulted me to blog.  i wouldn’t mind someone putting together a top 5 list of reasons to like a ps3, but, dammit, at least use good reasons. 

as in, none of your reasons should be formatted as follows:

[insert reason] is a great reason to get a ps3 if you [reason qualification].

for example, if you love sony.  or if you have a high definition setup.  or if you want high definition dvds.

no.  it should stop right after “ps3.”  as in:

[insert reason] is a great reason to get a ps3.

like, for example, “xbox live is a great reason to get an xbox.”  or “the wiimote is a great reason to get a wii.”

…anyway.  on to ric romero manning.

3 of his reasons are based on a set of unlikely prerequisites:

1) you actually care about high definition dvd because it requires…

2) actually having a big hdtv to go with it.

and 3) how many people actually have a psp?

the other two are just dumb.  there’s 4) you have a bunch of ps2 games, but no ps2 to play them on.  or even better, 5) “New games for a new box.” 

what the hell?

dammit!  i forgot!  the ps3 is the only console that’s going to have new games!  doh!  basically he’s saying, “if you’re a sony fan and you have a hi-def setup, you’ll want the ps3.”

no shit. really?

for the rest of us, with the same $600, if you don’t have/care about any of that, you can get a console with similar graphics AND a fistful of good AAA games AND some live arcade games. or a console that’s more fun (sony’s words, not mine) and an extra $350 worth of games….

yeah. you read that right.

for the price of the ps3, you can get a wii AND $350 in games.  seriously, are there any better reasons not to get a ps3 than that?


Rumor Alert: Blu-Ray Diodes

so, it comes from an “insider” over at

Firstly, the success rate of the diodes is said to be 30% right now – a frighteningly shite percentage, considering a million are supposed to be out by the year’s end.

and this:

And let’s just say that those in charge of a certain key exclusives (ones I can’t name explicitly by pain of death) are moving their wares to both machines as a result of this.

sounds pretty much like poo i’ve been flinging for about a year now.


if only people would just listen to me and do what i say instead of making their own opinions, the world would be a much better place.  heh.

[in my best white goodman impression] i’m just joking, of course.  (okay, not really…)  no really!  (nope — not really.)