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Pumpkin Quest

to commemorate both halloween and my recent, maddening addiction to puzzle quest on my 360, i decided to carve out the tutorial girl.  unfortunately, the pumpkin version isn’t nearly as hot.  (i loves me some redheads….)

oh, and hey, cuppy.  does this count for your contest?


Quentin’s Wall Mural is Final

hooray! finally found time to get back to painting — after taking almost a month off… is now finished and we’re pushing his dresser back against the wall.

Quentin’s Mural

oh, and that’s the last time i ask one of my kids what they want on their wall. holy-tons-of-work-batman. the painting is about 12 feet wide and took almost 30 hours to complete. and as a disclaimer, his name is green because that’s his favorite color and not because i thought that looked good in the composition.


Lightning Down. Mater, Luigi and Guido to go.

two weekends worth of work and i have quentin’s wall mostly done.  the biggie was lightning mcqueen.  the other three (mater, luigi and guido) are much smaller and much less detailed.  they’ll go fast.  hopefully, i can finish them up during the evenings this week.



From the Mouth of Babes

so.  since we’ve moved to a new house, i have to (heh.  well…  “want to”) paint a new mural on my son’s bedroom.  this time, rather than a huckleberry finn type scene, he’s older now and wants lightning mcqueen and some associated “cars” action on his wall.  so, there i was with a glass of red wine pondering the technique i am going to use to achieve the cool “desert cliffs” effect for the backdrop.

now, keep in mind, he’s just turned 3 this past spring:

quentin: dad, why do you have a glass of beer?

me: it’s not beer, quentin.  it’s wine.  and i was thinking it might help me paint.

quentin:  silly, that wine can’t help you paint.  it has no hands.


kids rule.


I’m an Action Hero!

 look at me, ma!  i’m in the movies!

mad props to my friend andrew for giving me my big break in show biz. i’m ready for my close-up now.


Henry Miller

so.  i found my new favorite quote machine — henry miller.  how can you go wrong with things like “The real leader has no need to lead – he is content to point the way” or “Life is 440 horsepower in a 2-cylinder engine” or “Chaos is the score upon which reality is written“?

of course, for some perspective, my former favorite was napoleon.



He’s Alive!

whew…  so, this has been my longest blog drought yet.  hopefully that will change soon.  i’m finally settled in (mostly — we have a coffee pot now!) at the new job.  i’ve got my email mostly under control.  heh, i even went grocery shopping today.  woot!

alright.  i’ve got some game server type stuff to work on.  then, thor and i are gonna hit the beach for a bit.

i’ll check back in soon and write some more game-related stuff as soon as i get a solid line in my head about what kinda things i can talk about and can’t.  i’ll have to talk to raph to see how he draws that line.


Moving to San Diego

so, i’ve hinted at it, but it’s been officially announced to my corporate overlords (sybase) that i’m moving to san diego to work at areae. i’ll be joining the ranks of:

  • raph koster <– badass
  • john donham <– double badass
  • a few others <– off the charts badasses of all hawtness!

whew. that’s quite the company to keep. i think i’m the only one who hasn’t published a book on making massively multiplayer games.

so, we have to get our house bundled up and sold pretty quicklike (the floor guys were there yesterday) because i have to be down there, ass in seat on the morning of monday, march 26th.

just thought i’d let my virtual peeps know.



New About Me Page

i just rewrote my “bookcover bio” at john‘s request.  he said my resume was actually “understated.”

dude.  i suck.

really, who has a resume that’s got weaker material than what you’ve actually done?  i thought people usually “pumped up” their resumes.


Let’s Play a Game

i say, i’m moving to san diego.  you say?