Dumb Free Offer Sites

you know the ones i’m talking about. “get this uber cool thing free… as long as you sign away your first born.” or some equally dumb, unusable crap like that.

but, i’ll be damned if i haven’t stumbled across a cool one! go here: notebooks4free.com

yeah. i’ll wait.

so, right now, one of their offers is to buy $30 in postage (yep. stuff you’d actually use.) in a machine from pitney bowes. cancel sometime in the next 90 days… or hell. even keep the service. it’s postage! then, get some of your friends to do it too.

you know what everyone gets for free then? (or at worst for $30… )

one of these: Alienware Area-51® m7700

or a bunch of other high-end gaming laptops.

yup. completely and utterly crazy. it’s a “free laptop” site that’s not actually stupid.

so, since i’m not sure how long they’ll have the postage one, go sign up and tell all your friends! (tj, i’m lookin’ at you!) tho, the hosting one doesn’t look terrible either. but, dude — the postage one is for real, a laptop for free!


Sony Recalls Everything

no.  not the ps3 — yet.  their batteries.

just checking on a couple things for the ps3:

  1. exploding power brick.
  2. exploding wireless controllers.
  3. ?
  4. profit!