How to be a Toolbox and Complain about Success

this is what got my attention:

Pete Waterman, the force behind dozens of multi-million selling chart hits, claims he is being “exploited” by internet giant Google.

say what?

oh yeah. and he goes on…

The 62-year-old said the Rick Astley classic Never Gonna Give You Up, which he co-wrote and which was the subject of a YouTube craze last year, had earned him just £11 from Google, despite being viewed 154 million times

and on…

“Panorama did a documentary on the exploitation of foreign workers in Dubai,” he said.

“I feel like one of those workers, because I earned less for a year’s work off Google or YouTube than they did off the Bahrain government.”

okay, tool. lemme explain how this works to you really, really quickly and easily.

  1. for the last 15 years, your song was lounging in obscurity. we’re talking “6-digit amazon sales rank” obscurity.
  2. google “exploits” you with rickrolling.
  3. you can actually see a trend line tying rickrolling with a sales rank increase of “Never Gonna Give You Up” — yes. sales of the single, not just ad impressions.
  4. in fact, it puts your track at number 77 on the amazon charts selling up to 2500 units in a week. that’s money from a sale of your song every… 4… minutes….
  5. you are worth £47 million. ($68 million for those of us in the colonies.)

just for kicks, let’s look at what being 77 on the amazon download store means. as of right now, that’s more popular than artists like kayne west, kenny chesney and the killers. all (despite your taste in music) much, much more relevant today than rick astley.

wtf, noob?

by the power vested in me, i hearby declare you a toolbox and revoke your ability to complain about anything, ever on the interweb!


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  1. suttree1975 on

    Not to mention the fact that he made his money ripping off classical music:

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