Digital Rights Backfire

for those of you who’ve been living in a cave, spore’s got itself some hellacious drm.  there’re rumors it’s so bad it rewrites your dvd drive’s drivers, it installs a rootkit and probably even purposefully throws out a bsod for good measure.  i hear it’s so bad that it even kills kittens!

anyway, pc gamers of course hate, hate, hate this.  duh.

but the funniest part?

Ironically, the game was leaked several days before the official released date and a quick search seems to indicate that pirated copies, along with mechanisms for bypassing the copy protection mechanisms, are freely available on the Internet. So it seems that the copy protection schemes only inconveniences legitimate customers.

so, by trying to prevent piracy, they’re driving legitimate users to pirate their games because pirates make a better product — one that’s not wrapped in malware.

please take note:  drm doesn’t stop anything.  and, the money you save by kicking your legitimate customers in the collective groin, you lose because you pay to get them on a first-name-basis with your technical support people.  meanwhile, pirates are still pirating your game.

and they’re doing it with possibly with even more bile and determination because YOU threw down the “screw you pirate!” gauntlet.



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  1. bd808 on

    I bought the creature creater and was excited to get the full version, but count me in with the others that are boycotting the game because of DRM. It’s too bad that the publishing groups still don’t get that their customers don’t want to be treated like criminals. It’s also too bad that there are some folks out there who think that it’s possible to make DRM that takes the bad guys more than a couple of days to circumvent. If there is a way to access the program legitimately there are a thousand ways to fake that authorization and binary patching is easy folks.

  2. […] over it or get off the Internet“. The fact that some folks with the same viewpoint look at DRM with such a different view fascinates me even […]

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