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Pumpkin Quest

to commemorate both halloween and my recent, maddening addiction to puzzle quest on my 360, i decided to carve out the tutorial girl.  unfortunately, the pumpkin version isn’t nearly as hot.  (i loves me some redheads….)

oh, and hey, cuppy.  does this count for your contest?


Quentin’s Wall Mural is Final

hooray! finally found time to get back to painting — after taking almost a month off… is now finished and we’re pushing his dresser back against the wall.

Quentin’s Mural

oh, and that’s the last time i ask one of my kids what they want on their wall. holy-tons-of-work-batman. the painting is about 12 feet wide and took almost 30 hours to complete. and as a disclaimer, his name is green because that’s his favorite color and not because i thought that looked good in the composition.