Some Quick Post-launch Notes

  1. evidently, winning the techcrunch20 techcrunch40 is only for serious business. kinda like the oscars, the fun stuff never wins.
  2. there is lots of crazy, shots-in-the-dark speculation as to how we’re doing what we’re doing. it’ll be nice to get a technical faq out to the public. send your questions to cuppycake so we can answer your top concerns.
  3. as always, compromising your layouts for internet explorer sucks. the way i originally wanted to layout the site looks great in every browser EXCEPT ie — both 6 and 7. camino, konquerer, safari 3 (1&2 blow goats), firefox, opera, etc…. i especially find it funny that a guy can fix ie (version 6 no less) with javascript where the entire ie7 dev team fails.
  4. when putting a site live that will generate crap-tons of traffic, make sure you have swapped your apache dev conf (our platform does play with the web afterall) with your live conf. failure to do so results in downtime due to the interweb hordes. luckily, after smacking myself in the forehead, and changing about 6 characters in the apache2.conf, our server is now comfortably sitting between 0-2% cpu used at 2300 page views an hour. we appreciate all the offers of hosting, guys, but, i’m just a dork. sorry, all. my fault.
  5. boingboing sends twice the traffic of slashdot. the bbc sends twice the traffic of boingboing.
  6. look closely at the form html on our application page. i wrote it in dl/dt/dd name/value pair definition list magic.
  7. yes, i too have a pet project i’m building on our platform.


4 comments so far

  1. Duncan Gough on

    Congratulations on the launch! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned – maybe I can build my ‘exploring the beauty of triangles’ games that I’ve always failed to do 😀

  2. m3mnoch on

    ha! i’d totally play that!


  3. Cuppycake on

    You totally rawk Christopher. =)

  4. covert.c. on

    I can’t wait to dig in. =)

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