Runescape and WOW

i’m totally in crunch-mode right now, so i’ll make this short.  just noticed something on the mmog data siteworld of warcraft has 26% of the market, runescape has 23%.

um.  wow.


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  1. PigeonGB on

    For some time more people were playing Runescape than WoW. WoW just makes more money since everyone playing it is a paying subscriber. I think WoW recently got more subscribers than Runescape has players.

  2. DaveT on

    In the ‘by market share’ chart it shows WoW at %66.91 – which chart has it at %26, and in what category does Runescape have %23?
    I’m missing something…

  3. m3mnoch on

    huh? weird.

    that’s the chart i’m looking at. maybe there’s a difference between dollar market share and player market share.



  4. DaveT on

    Indeed. On that chart the rollovers show Wow at %24.98 and Runescape at %16.21. Maybe I’m still missing something..

  5. Pablo Dmitri on

    I think Runescape has a bigger chunk of the market. Lots of people play the free version, and people overlook that.

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