From the Mouth of Babes

so.  since we’ve moved to a new house, i have to (heh.  well…  “want to”) paint a new mural on my son’s bedroom.  this time, rather than a huckleberry finn type scene, he’s older now and wants lightning mcqueen and some associated “cars” action on his wall.  so, there i was with a glass of red wine pondering the technique i am going to use to achieve the cool “desert cliffs” effect for the backdrop.

now, keep in mind, he’s just turned 3 this past spring:

quentin: dad, why do you have a glass of beer?

me: it’s not beer, quentin.  it’s wine.  and i was thinking it might help me paint.

quentin:  silly, that wine can’t help you paint.  it has no hands.


kids rule.


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  1. Cuppycake on

    Awwwwww! Cutest kid EVER.

    Let me babysit him! =)

  2. scott on

    You gave nice idea that quentin helps to paint but I haven’t used .I’ll try

  3. Mom on

    Reminds me of another “cute” kid… His Dad put him in the bathtub and handed him a fresh bar of soap and he said “Dad, don’t you know anything? You don’t wash with this, you cut it up!” The soap was Irish Spring and the “kid” was Christopher when he was about Quentin’s age….

  4. m3mnoch on

    ewwww…. my mom commented on my blog! that’s so NOT web 2.0! i was never a baby. i’ve always been mr. know-it-all-web-and-game guy. always.



    p.s. hi mom!

  5. brackishwater on

    Thanks Cuppy for linking this blog.
    It was great to read this post as my son is on the brink of starting to talk and I can’t wait for these moments.
    Thanks for the great laugh.

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