Gotta Revisit Robowars

so.  a year or so ago, i reviewed this passive web game called robowars.  you guys may remember me talking about it.

so, recently, it was discovered by the robowars community.  (you can see all the comments)  in fact, yesterday they made a poll out of it where you can earn “scraps” (in game currency type stuff) for your robot if you take the poll.


well.  of course, i did.

anyhow, apparently the community is saying that a lot of things have changed and i should check out the new version.  sounds like a plan.

that’s what i love about all of these thin-client online games.  fresh updates constantly — no big, clunky downloads.

you know, i should make something like that someday.


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  1. Cuppycake on

    Yes, I agree.

    You definitely should make something like that. Someday.

  2. Jason on

    I would definitely be interested in reading a re-review of RoboWars, however the longer you wait, the better the game gets… hence the ongoing updates. 🙂 I would suggest basing your review on a 30 day trial run. When you do review robowars, be sure to keep note, were here to help if you need it. Enjoy. 😉

  3. Fallen Judgement on

    hey i agree come review us you wont be disapointed jason has done a great job on it

  4. Chris on

    Yes! A re-review should definitally be great. It’s one of my all time favorite games! I’ve been playing for almost 5 years now, and the game just keeps getting better and better! =)

  5. Johnathon on

    You definatly need to go take a second look at it! There are so many new things its impossible to count and there are new features added all the time. ☺

  6. levi on

    you should check it out, it’s much better and more interactive than in the past

  7. Wandering Soul on

    All I have to say is seeing is definitely believing.Come visit us,you will NOT be disappointed in the least.The game improves all the time.Its what keeps our numbers growing by leaps and bounds each and every day.

  8. miles on

    its quit good the idea is

  9. king optimus on

    hey my names mccarty haha i used my robowars name. yeah this game is great ive been playing it ever since i got back from iraq perfect downtime for a soldier and great place for competetion and great new changes…jason has done outstanding. needs more publicity though!! 😛

  10. Ares(RoR) on

    you should revisit us, we would enjoy having you come and play

  11. GodFather 001 on

    I agree, the longer you take to re-view….the better it gets. I am glad the game continues updating and getting better each day. “The Boss” is doing the best job and i the staff is currently at the best i’ve ever seen before. Check it out ^^ you might never go out again 😛

  12. gunslinger on

    i used my robowars name too, hehe.
    since i started playing the game, which is almost 2 months now, ive been hooked and not a day passes when i wouldnt log on and either go level up or just chat with people who are online.. its more than a game.. i got new friends.. it really is a great game, and ive tried so many browser games.. the higher ranked games have nothing on robowars, hahaha.. 🙂

  13. {GR} king homie on

    im using my robowars name ist the best online game ever made i give it 100 out of 10

  14. {EVO} DarkGuardain on

    Yea you should take a look at the website, It has progressed a long way from when i first joined. You will like it.

  15. Xtreme on

    do it up 😉 You revise it, I’ll revise your revising again. haha. And remember, look for me in game, my name is Xtreme, I’ll help ya out in any way. 😉


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