PS3 Can Record TV and Play Games

… but will it do both at the same time?

commenter rjcc over on makes a very, very good comment. there’s a reason the xbox 360 is a media extender and not a pvr. you can play games on your 360 while your media center is recording shows. they just playback through your network from your pc to the 360.

in the ps3’s case, what’s the point of having a dvr if it can’t record shows while you’re playing games?

and, if the ps3 does both at the same time? uh… that sucks. let’s do some math!

data rate of a compressed hd video stream: about 19 megabits per second.

that’s 2.375 megabytes of data written to the hard drive per second.

that’s 142.5 megabytes a minute.

that’s 8.35 gigabytes an hour.

so, a 120 gig ps3 hard drive can hold about 14 hours of compressed video.

ew… that’s not very much nor very effective for a shared device.

and, not only is the write pipe to the ps3 hard drive gonna suck when your game has to share bandwidth with your video being recorded, but, what the hell is compressing the video? that’s right! resources in the ps3 — the very same resources that play your game. (that assumes, of course, you’ve got a pure, uncompressed hd feed. more likely, you’ll already have a compressed cable or satellite feed coming in. that way, there’s just transcoding issues…)

so, compressing/storing video and playing a game at the same time? not so much. looks like you’ll just have to buy another ps3.

and, we won’t even mention that they can choose to not compress/transcode hd video. that’s somewhere around 417 gigabytes an hour…. heh.


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  1. Michael on

    Startling facts! Especially when you consider that not only are they competing, but the PS3 has the higher price tag. Of course, I’m not sure how much faith I have in the XBOX 360, considering the recent recall..

    Ah, what a good day to be a PC Gamer.

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  3. Timmi on

    This argument makes no sense. All it states is that the ps3 has a feature over the 360. So what if it may pose some difficulties? The 360 plays media from your pc while the ps3 can record the media by itself and play it by itself! Even Then it could be possible at some point to stream media from a pc through to the ps3.

    Ps3 has several things over the 360 and what currently breaks it for me is the WIFI. no way i want to pay 100 bucks for a wireless card for the 360 when the ps3 comes with wireless. That basically brings the prices to the same point. Then the not so free online play and possibility of getting a banned 360 if u buy it used. PPPFFFFTTT!!!! get away with that!!!!!!!!! I see alot of potential in the ps3.. thats why settling for a 360 will take some convincing with me.

  4. mehh on

    xbox sucks my balls ok is good but what about quality and what the fuck is this the thing is not cheap look at this guys who buy it are retards wtf is this “i just bougted my 10th xbox today and is already fucked up”first of all the stupid retard that goes tru the 1st or 2nd like i did i beat it till there wass none more none les than all xbox is “a pice of shit” and to top it all huhhh whats this no browser huhh i am confussed wasnt “microsoft” the famous browser software company of “windows” well apryno

  5. mehh on

    aprntly a psp is powerfuller and last more plus cheaper than that shit called the shitbox by all my whole street we know good and thats not it i love forza2 but the shitbox aka the cockbox aka the “XthingwithoutbrowserBox”plus to top all that shit way up u dint have sex with the sexbox but u need to pay for it child evry month my ex manutencion(gamer tagg) was “m units dj uniq” fuck bill gates inthe ass and all the creators of the rippmeoffbox (xbox360)

  6. mehh on

    whend was the first ps3 broken by it self (Never) but on the other had ps is retarded on soMe things they shoul had lerned from hackers like psp music maker psp radio psp phone irshell remcon4the tv meny more plus getting easy sftb2 ban to all those faggs hacing their mamas pants off (bad hakers with no skill and cocky rupinON hacks)Whend are they gon lern? lol whend the shitbox dont break any longer(NEVER)

  7. mehh on

    im terrybly sorry i ofended some of ya but i tell what i see i see what i say (sorry for the explicit lang) but still xbox zombies will be broke by the time ms is 1800 dallas or lbs richer by them zombies plz zombies think for yo selfs enjoy the wii the ps3. and xbox360 next brake throw it off the trash /hill and enjoy those other 2 consoles but please donot give em any more money demand em for that. think and do so ull get the case tyare many that have proof on youtube/me/you we got thislets sendthem2hell

  8. dj unix/mehh on

    my pc is broken cos of that fucked up win vista like the xbox expenssive and shit full. all of this thanks to my wonderful psp love my psp way to much :p have a good day and stay out that dickbox troubles peace to the world and dont allow ppl to ripp u off with thair making money while fucking people up plan and subliminal ripoffs (xbx original is the best) peez

  9. Auoc44 on

    The 360 is now RELIABLE second its got a more powerful GPU than PS3 the cell is better but 1 not for games and 2 in another system not in a PS3 ( its a 1970 supercomputer tech which even the devloper state is much use for gaming)

    I got both consoles – the 360 pumps the grpahics better, more content (and notjust becuase its been out longer)
    XBOX live is better and interace is fastrer and better
    stop being fanboys do your research

    at the end of the day most game are out for both
    i got got both for exclusive titles (tho not many in next 2 years)

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