Google Maps and Microformats

well. i guess ask, and you shall receive. i was railing on about microformats and how cool they were and then google goes ahead and implements hcard for google maps.

hmmm… i wonder if there’s a “player” microformat. my friend duncan working over on the pmog project has created an item microformat. we need an avatar based one too, methinks.

how about this:

<div class="avatar">
	<span class="fn">m3mnoch</span>, 
	<span class="profession">Wiz</span>
	<div class="vcard" rel="user">
	 <a class="url fn" href="">Christopher D. Chapman</a>
	<a href="" class="org">Hypefighter</a>
	<dl class="attributes">
		<dt rel="ability">Strength</dt>
		<dt rel="skill">Melee Combat</dt>
		<dt rel="property">Height</dt>
		<dd>6' 2"</dd>
	<ul class="gear">
		<li class="equipment">Pickaxe</li>

that should start us off, eh?


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  1. Duncan Gough on

    We definitely need a microformat for avatars. We’ve played with them for in-game items on PMOG, which allows uses to generate valid microformats and treat them much like widgets:

    Just yesterday, though, Frances Berriman pointed me in this direction:

    Which aims to overlay hCard with avatar information. Further down the line, I’d like to see some support for OpenID and multiple identities, too, as that just makes sense when it comes to avatars and personal identity 🙂

  2. m3mnoch on

    man. your items stuff is so cool. and that non-human profiles link was rad. a good start for sure.

    tho, i’m not really sold on openid for avatars. that makes me want to do a post on it…. heh.


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