Social Ripping

so, i’ve said it before — i hate the riaa.

i’m firmly in the camp of “they are dinosaurs in their death throes.” and, when i read something like this:

The “social” ripping and burning of CDs among friends — which takes place offline and almost entirely out of reach of industry policing efforts — accounted for 37 percent of all music consumption, more than file-sharing, NPD said.

it just makes me fume! of course that’s the way it works! people are looking for new music. who do they go to? people they trust! people who like the same types of music.

here’s an equation for the riaa: lastfm + allofmp3 + affiliate programs – drm = phat lewt.

it’s so. goddamn. easy. help people discover new friends who have the same tastes in music and add an easy-to-use payment system. $0.15 per song. a nickel for the artist. a eight cents for the riaa and the site expenses. three cents for the friend that you downloaded from.

incentivize the legal transaction between friends — both old and newly discovered.

money will rain down from the heavens.


UPDATE: er.  math ftw.  two cents for your buddy — not three.  been doing too much trig lately.  it’s affecting my basic math….


2 comments so far

  1. Dan on

    Hear hear, brother. I’m sick of all this RIAA shit.

  2. Versatile1 on

    I totally agree. I have moved my practices even more underground to evade the RIAA.

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