Dungeon Runners Now Public

woot. anyone can now join in on the dungeon runners fun. so, to catch those of you up who weren’t in the beta, a quick run-down on why i love this game.

first, what it’s not:

  1. a full-fledged mmo with crazy crafting skills, dancing and an economy.
  2. a game where you spend 40 hours grinding so you can get to the “end game” content.
  3. a pvp powerhouse.

now, what it is:

  1. it’s super accessible. jump in, jump out.
  2. it’s fast paced. you wade into various fast and furious combat really quickly. (compared to something like wow or vanguard. think diablo.)
  3. it makes playing with your friends REALLY easy. the right-click go-to feature is AWESOME. the pre-divided loot is AWESOME. sharing portals is AWESOME.
  4. it’s FREE! (tho, i actually am a subscriber — it’s only $5 a month.)

i’m a big fan of the convenience of dungeon pounding instances coupled with the convenience of playing in a (mostly) persistent world with your friends. i look at it more like a highly interactive irc channel.


p.s. OOH! i almost forgot! it’s FUNNY! from a brand new dungeon — still with that new dungeon smell — to an ungodly badass weapon that’s a — wait for it — pizza slicer. it’s light and good for some quick fun.

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