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Social Ripping

so, i’ve said it before — i hate the riaa.

i’m firmly in the camp of “they are dinosaurs in their death throes.” and, when i read something like this:

The “social” ripping and burning of CDs among friends — which takes place offline and almost entirely out of reach of industry policing efforts — accounted for 37 percent of all music consumption, more than file-sharing, NPD said.

it just makes me fume! of course that’s the way it works! people are looking for new music. who do they go to? people they trust! people who like the same types of music.

here’s an equation for the riaa: lastfm + allofmp3 + affiliate programs – drm = phat lewt.

it’s so. goddamn. easy. help people discover new friends who have the same tastes in music and add an easy-to-use payment system. $0.15 per song. a nickel for the artist. a eight cents for the riaa and the site expenses. three cents for the friend that you downloaded from.

incentivize the legal transaction between friends — both old and newly discovered.

money will rain down from the heavens.


UPDATE: er.  math ftw.  two cents for your buddy — not three.  been doing too much trig lately.  it’s affecting my basic math….

Solid Snake on the 360

the sony defense force am cry.


UPDATE: evidently, the internet is melting.  so, i just thought i’d archive d’toid’s post here.


I have been waiting for many months to finally say this, and today is the day. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will not be a PS3 exclusive after all. It has been confirmed that it will make its way to the Xbox 360 in 2008.

There is no true date set for the release at this point, but November of 2008 has been mentioned. This is not set in stone as Konami is working with Microsoft to bring the date forward as much as possible. MGS4 for the 360 will also come with exclusive content and gameplay that will not be in the PS3 version of the game. Some of this content is VR missions, as well as “Snake Tales” or “Snake in the Valley” (depending on where you live), which will let you go on objective based missions, some of which are very lengthy. These are the first two bonuses to emerge so far, but be ready to expect even more.

Konami is also in talks with Nintendo to bring a Metal Gear Solid game to the Wii. MGS4 would obviously have to be slimmed down if the chose to port the title to Nintendo’s console. We already know that Snake will be a playable character in Super Smash Bros., so this (along with the 360 news) doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

On a personal note. HAHAHAHA! Hey Sony fanboys: At least you all have a Blu-ray player for the next year or two until that fails as well.

[Editor’s note: The opinions expressed about Sony and the PS3 belong to Ron Workman and Ron Workman only. He’s a loose cannon and a PR nightmare.]
Dear internet matlocks,

You cracked the case, good work. I understand that going to every gaming industry event, [—-edited—-], speaking to someone at Konami, and knowing this has been in the works for months, could not possibly make me as qualified as the forum post you made from your

A. Dorm room

B. Mom’s basement

C. Cell block

We all know that Sony would never give up an exclusive. I mean what’s next? Unreal Tourney? Final Fantasy? Nooo waaay! They would never loose an exclusive. Every MGS game was a Sony exclusive at one point. I can’t imagine them coming out with MGS on another console. I mean… they have never done that have they?

Next time I am with Peter Moore, Myamoto, or Phil Harrison in person, I will be sure to remind them to approve things through you, internet Matlocks, before they make any decisions.

Dungeon Runners Now Public

woot. anyone can now join in on the dungeon runners fun. so, to catch those of you up who weren’t in the beta, a quick run-down on why i love this game.

first, what it’s not:

  1. a full-fledged mmo with crazy crafting skills, dancing and an economy.
  2. a game where you spend 40 hours grinding so you can get to the “end game” content.
  3. a pvp powerhouse.

now, what it is:

  1. it’s super accessible. jump in, jump out.
  2. it’s fast paced. you wade into various fast and furious combat really quickly. (compared to something like wow or vanguard. think diablo.)
  3. it makes playing with your friends REALLY easy. the right-click go-to feature is AWESOME. the pre-divided loot is AWESOME. sharing portals is AWESOME.
  4. it’s FREE! (tho, i actually am a subscriber — it’s only $5 a month.)

i’m a big fan of the convenience of dungeon pounding instances coupled with the convenience of playing in a (mostly) persistent world with your friends. i look at it more like a highly interactive irc channel.


p.s. OOH! i almost forgot! it’s FUNNY! from a brand new dungeon — still with that new dungeon smell — to an ungodly badass weapon that’s a — wait for it — pizza slicer. it’s light and good for some quick fun.

I’m an Action Hero!

 look at me, ma!  i’m in the movies!

mad props to my friend andrew for giving me my big break in show biz. i’m ready for my close-up now.