He’s Alive!

whew…  so, this has been my longest blog drought yet.  hopefully that will change soon.  i’m finally settled in (mostly — we have a coffee pot now!) at the new job.  i’ve got my email mostly under control.  heh, i even went grocery shopping today.  woot!

alright.  i’ve got some game server type stuff to work on.  then, thor and i are gonna hit the beach for a bit.

i’ll check back in soon and write some more game-related stuff as soon as i get a solid line in my head about what kinda things i can talk about and can’t.  i’ll have to talk to raph to see how he draws that line.


2 comments so far

  1. Grindstone on

    I was under the impression you had died in a brutal fiery auto-accident during your move from Idaho to Cali.

    Guess I was wrong… guess I lost $20 bucks too.

    Anyway, welcome back.

  2. m3mnoch on

    heh. sorry for the $20. it was a close call. drove 16 hours straight through, including a trek across the entire desert that is nevada, in a car that’s 20 years old — by myself….

    i’da put it at a safe bet too.


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