The Dungeon Runners Beta

some friends of mine and i are in the dungeon runners beta — and, it’s pretty cool.  the game is entirely worth playing for two reasons:

  1. it’s crazy cheap (free or $5 a month)
  2. the “go to” feature.

the game is basically like a cross between dungeon siege (the controls) and diablo (the mechanics) with a few of the very most basic wow mmo features.  it’s pretty much just bash the shit out of stuff and head back to town to sell your phat lewt.

tho, as we’re all only around level 8, we really don’t have much else to go on.

did i mention the “go to” feature already?  yeah.  it rocks.

all you do is right-click any of your group’s portraits (also, the groups are persistent — logged in or logged out.  like a mini-guild.) and click “go to” to be instantly teleported to where they are.  it’s all kinds of crazy-convenient.  for me, i’m always lost (remind me to tell you about the time i got lost in an olive garden — yes, the restaurant.) so i just warp to my buddies wherever they happen to be.  for our friend kameron, it’s all about warping into a fight to “help out.”

probably another feature i should mention — drops are all pre-owned.  as in, you whack some badass mob, he drops 10 things, 5 are yours, 5 are your buddy’s.  you can’t pick his stuff up.  he can’t pick up yours.  you can, however, pick it up and then drop it again and he has access to it.  totally takes the stress out of worrying over group loot hogs.

pretty much, it’s a grinder’s game.  it’s accessible.  they took some of the most painful parts about group grinding and added some fun features to help.

that being said, the game is still skewed and off-balance.  for example, the skill prices (you buy, not earn new skills — it’s a grinder’s game, remember?) don’t scale right.  i’m a few xp short of a level 8 mage and i just now have enough gold to buy a level 2 spell.

it’s fun.  it’s easy.  it’s pretty pick-up, put-down.  it won’t break the bank.  it’s easy to draft along with your friends.

oh, and i should mention that it’s hella funny.  as you walk away from a merchant after selling some stuff, he says “if you see a bitter woman, send ‘er over here!”  from crazy weapon speed descriptions to “of the liger” suffixes for items, there’s some really pretty funny stuff in there.

i like it so far.  it’s a keeper.


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  1. m3mnoch on

    thought i’d elaborate a bit. here’s a comment i sent to some dev friends talking about what i liked:


    i can see it getting terrible reviews from the hardest of hardcores. it’s a mainstream game. it’s basically the exact, polar opposite of second life. a lightweight and fun mmo. meaning, it’s probably a stretch to call it a “virtual world.”

    however, it’s:
    1) super cheap.
    2) very accessible. more so than wow even.
    3) has killer grouping features. the “go to” option is hands down the best part of the game. well. then there’s the auto-loot-owning thing too… hmmm…

    4) easy on the system requirements.
    5) death has no penalty — at all.
    6) funny. doesn’t take itself seriously.
    7) hella fun.

    pretty much, it’s a venue to just hang out with your buddies while you beat stuff up. i totally see my friends ditching wow for it.

  2. m3mnoch on

    ah. and some other opinions:


  3. Voorshwa on

    See in the time I played it, I didn’t find it all that fun. It’s a Diablo clone (and I mean almost exactly) without the fun parts of Diablo. You have zero storyline, if you don’t pay you can’t use the ‘best’ items, if you don’t pay your inventory is attrocious, and the controls are really wonky.

    I did like the fact that it didn’t take itself too seriously and it made me laugh a few times. However, all of that will get very old, very quickly, and then you are just left with a level grind with nothing to really show for it. I don’t know, maybe I’m being overly harsh, but I prefer games with a bit more depth when it comes to this genre.

    I certainly wouldn’t ditch WoW for it by any stretch of the imagination. I might ditch my Ms. Pacman game on my cell phone if they made a cell client for this thing.


  4. Andrew Wooldridge on

    m3mnoch… could you hook me up with an invite? It’s not possible to get in unless you are invited by a member (there is no fight club!)… I’ll send you a joost invite as soon as they refresh my queue…

  5. Larry on

    I agree with Andrew. I would love to get in here as I have been watching it for a long time but no way to get in unless you know someone already in the game. Most of the people I know are not into this type of game so it’s pretty much impossible to get in.

  6. m3mnoch on

    cool. i’ll set you both up. my invites open up again on the 12th.


  7. David on

    can i get an invite also? PlayNC account jadex

  8. WearyWarrior on

    If anyone can hook me up with an invite to this game i would glady return with an invite to an exclusive music torrent site.


    Cant fucking wait until this game is released omfg!!!!!!! cant wait dudes omfg omfg omfg this shit could be better than worl do fwarcfat it certanly looks it LEON GIBSON

  10. Big Red Button on

    m3mmoch, I would love an invite too!
    My PlayNC is BigRedButton

  11. Big Red Button on

    If you need my e-mail adress, it’s, please send me an invite ^_^

  12. Sage O on

    hit me with an invite please nc acct. SageOZ

  13. Lucas on

    I need invite… mail : thanks a lot!

  14. Joshua on

    Love this game!
    The silly item names, the Go To feature, the light resource usage… as you say this is a grinder’s game. It’s even more fun with friends. And it’s cheap!
    I play Badonkadonk and Doomtoes.

  15. E on

    Music is good, graphics is good but after that you have a game that still needs some development. Targeting is terrible, the inventory is limited and clunky. No crafting or economic structure. Its a crude mix of GW, WOW, LC, and Dia-blow. However it leaves a room to become a good game I find myself playing LC less.

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