Animation vs. Animator

anyone who’s ever used flash has probably had this happen to them.

okay. i’m just kidding. but, damn that was HAWT!



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  1. leunas on

    IF you like that, check out the sequel.

  2. jim bob on

    hi there i am jim bob macadangdang retrn of the elfs

  3. cold on

    hi jimbob macadangdang

    im a man with a cold. i like that film. have you seen return of the mep balls?

  4. jim bob on

    hi there man with a cold ar u in the desert i think that because u have a cold and yes i have

  5. jim bob on

    hi ther man with a cold do u live in the desert?

    and yes i have it is the best thing i have ever seen

  6. cold on

    no, i live in a car.

    and u r cool. did you see the part where the guy broke the shotgun on the animation 2?

  7. jim bob on

    me to wat a wierd thing i can not believe it hang on is that u ur in my caravan u freak

  8. cold on

    this is bob joe jimmy reporting for channel tunnel news.


  9. jim bob on

    do u like to poo because i do ?

    oh yeahdo u think tha u will be gay when u are older

  10. cold on

    no chance. im a dog.

  11. samtamb on

    stop spamming please.

    i loved the first and second ones.

  12. jim bob on

    i wont because i am a lady called jim bob macadangdan return of the elfs

    and dont be silly u are a hamster called charlie

  13. jim bob on

    how is that cheese that u had last night?

  14. cold on


  15. craig dear on

    hi there boys i am gay

  16. samtamb on


  17. jim bob on

    wat the hell u are well wierd just go home mate and get a life

  18. craig deer on

    n e boys around here single

  19. --tyeno-- on

    ezi andy craig nd jack

  20. jegil on

    sup niggas omg really why u….. oh ok sorry

  21. jegil on


  22. jim bob on

    hi ther tyler

  23. tyeno on

    jack r u there

  24. harrus on

    me? oh you mean jonny jejil?

  25. poo on

    i am called jahosema mendez

  26. poo on

    tyler are u called bizzle bizzle

  27. pants on

    hi! my name is godrick.

    i thiought the first one ruled

  28. samtamb on

    samtamb is back.

    spam one more time and you will be fined.

    this is not a joke.

    craig deer is being tracked down. at this very moment.

  29. caractacus on

    caractacus pots, the man who lives in the sea.

  30. caractacus on

    so if you want to take some pictures of the fascinating witches who put the sintillating stitches in the britches of the boys who put the powder on the noses of the faces of the ladies of the herum of the court of king caractacus YOURE TOO LATE!

    because theyve just, passed, by!!!

  31. caractacus on

    andrew and tyler im guessin ur not comin on losel,


  32. caractacus on

    i just thought. is water isnt a thing, is a thing water?

    1. if your travelling at the speed of light and turn ur headlites on, what happens?

    2. if swimming is good exercise why are whales so fat.

    3. which way will a compass point in space?

    4. if you get different colour shampoo, why do the bubbles always come out white?

    5. why do people say they slept like a baby if they had a good sleep, if babies are always waking up?

    6. if things go without saying, why do people still say it?

    7. why do you never see any baby pigeons?

    8. how many holes in a polo?

    9. is it 9:52? at night? when i posted this?

    10. if jack turner is a dog, and jack ames is lost, and dan wewis is a pig, and craig is a mep ball, and johnny is a rubber, and hagrid is lanky, and harry potter is a sick perv, and josh pavitt is a josh pervert, and a bigfoot, and a radar, then, whats a rounderd, a betterd, a feilderd and a point?

    this is jonny bob reporting for channel tunnel news. thank you, and, goodnight!

  33. caractacus on

    cwaig deer is gay btw.

    hes cwap and pooing and has a dwawing of some perv…

    this is bob. bob likes you. bob likes sharp things. i suggest you run from bob.

    and tyler, i got banned form club penguin for swearing lol!!

    . bob . bizzle bizzle.

  34. caractacus on

    true story…

    btw if you read one word of this you are gay (except the person who wrote this

  35. samtamb on

    craig deer has been fined.

    the next spammer will be banned form this site.

    say sorry.

  36. caractacus. on

    ok, sry noob.

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