Let’s Play a Game

i say, i’m moving to san diego.  you say?


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  1. Grindstone on

    WTF!?! From Boise to San Diego? That’s on helluva move. I bet you’ll get culture shock going from 150,000 peeps to 1.5 million peeps. Damn man, crazy.

    Oh… what was the game again?

    Right, and I’ll say good riddance! Oops, I mean, I’ll wait for San Diego update… *whistles and walks away*

  2. m3mnoch on

    heh. nah. i’ve lived in san antonio and phoenix. not really too much culture shock.

    tho, i will give you another little hint: my new email address is chris@areae.net.


  3. andrew wooldridge on

    Cool you’ll be in my backyard – up here in San Francisco….

  4. Duncan Gough on

    Jolly well done 🙂

  5. Sh0cka on

    awesome man i lived in SD for 4 years for school now live only an hour away great place. have fun play some games

  6. covert.c. on



    Is that what I think it is?

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