Games Are Keeping Me Occupied

this may come as a shock to you guys, but i love all manner of games.

shocking! see? i told you!

anyway. with all my gaming geekery i’ve surrounded myself with, do you know what has captivated me for the week before last? linley’s dungeon crawl. or, just “sudo apt-get install crawl” for short.

i’m sure all of you guys have played moria or nethack or slash’em or whatever. i know i have. good stuff, but i could never really get into it too deeply. i’d make it a couple levels and have my hack-and-slash satiated. crawl, however, is rivoting.

in fact, my friend maeldron, fresh off the purchase of 2 copies of burning crusade (he’s a dual-boxer sometimes…) and with a week off from work to kill, played… yep, you guessed it. crawl. yeah. he hates me for that.

linley’s dungeon crawl is the very, very best roguelike out there. period.

tho, as much as we (all of us at sas) played it over the last two weeks (not me for this last week. i’ll get to that.), we find ourselves wishing that it was multiplayer. how sweet would that be? a roguelike that was multiplayer! not text-based, zork-like multiplayer like traditional muds, but tactical, graphical multiplayer! (not to bash traditional muds — they are the reason my first semester at college was a 1.7 gpa — whoops!)

that’s what i’ve been doing over the last week. not hacking in a multi-user server for crawl. that’d be a crazy amount of work, but digging up and installing our own private server of the multiplayer roguelike tomenet. (the networked version of “troubles of middle-earth“)

yeah, it’s based on tolkien — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing — but, it’s hella fun.

it’s a real-time game with shops and dungeons and mobs and whatnot. it’s the only one actively developed on that i could find. it has a windows client (for some of you less nerdy folk) as well as the standard linux fair. it’s open source. (which let me change the terrible, terrible idle timeout value) on the surface, it basically seems like a modern mmorpg only playable at the command-prompt. we haven’t played with it enough to really say “yea or nay” to the game design yet, but, it sure is cool thus far.

that means you can play it on any computer or device with an ssh client. not only computers, but mobile devices too. hmmm… has anyone seen an ssh client for the psp?

well. it’s up and running on our linux server, so let me know if you want an account and i’ll send you some connect information.

if you’ve never played a roguelike, tho, you need to download and play crawl. it runs on just about every platform known to man.



7 comments so far

  1. Duncan Gough on

    Two words, Dwarf Fortress 🙂

    And if you’ve got a spare account, I’m sure I get all roguelike, like.

  2. m3mnoch on

    heh. i knew that was coming.

    i’ve checked out dwarf fortress. while, yes, it’s a good game, it’s not as accessible as crawl is. tho, the dwarf fortress combat-detail factor is indeed cool….

    it’s not just about who makes the most feature-packed game, but about who makes the best game. best being completely subjective, of course.

    that being said, tomenet is on par with dwarf fortress in terms of complexity and non-accessible-ness. now, dwarf fortress as an mmog would be totally cool.

    i’ll hook you up with an ssh account to that box. look for an email.


  3. Andrew Wooldridge on

    Have you tried Legend of the Green Dragon? You can easily set up your own server as well:

    It’s alot of fun to tweak the settings for your own community of friends.

  4. Andrew Wooldridge on

    Oh yeah and this one is pretty fun too:

    Sword of Fargoal

  5. m3mnoch on

    sword of fargoal! man! i loved that game!

    i may have to grab that again just for some nostalgia love.


  6. Ammon Lauritzen on

    Single player roguelike worthy of mention:


    Versions for most platforms. Good quests, good balance, good magic/skill system, medium-low bar to entry.

    Good race/class options that actually make an enormous difference in how you play the game – unlike NetHack, where class really is a non-issue or some of the Angband family where there are 30 or 40 shades of grey to choose between….

    I’ve tried other roguelikes since discovering ADOM a few years (8?) ago, but they’ve never really interested me.

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