Encyclopedia of Video Game Knowledge

hmmm…  no.  this isn’t a link to one.  but, i think i can use hypefighter to kind of create one.  no, really.  hear me out.

so, hypefighter, aside from being a game, is basically a vertical implementation of digg (the recruiting) or del.icio.us (your bookmarks are your army) focusing on video games.  meaning, where those sites collect links that cover broad topics of information, hypefighter just aggregates information (news and bits) about video games.

for example, if there’s an article about water on hypefighter, well, it’s probably about rendering water in a game.  not say… the movie or the drink or the atoms involved.

so, we’re focused on video game information.  not only that, but collecting the “best” video game information as determined by our users.

so, here’s a thought:  anyone ever used google co-op’s custom search engine?

*bing*  i just saw andrew’s light bulb go on!

yep.  so, i can integrate the sites submitted to hypefighter into a custom search engine courtesy of the folks at google.  that means we can build a searchable aggregate of the best (not according to spammers or google or anyone other than us) video game information on the planet.

can i get a “word!”  going vertical kicks ass.

i totally know what i’m going to do tonight….


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