DVD Consumer Confusion

consumer 1:
“you want blu-ray to go with your new tv!”

consumer 2, as he’s hooking up his home theatre:
“what’s a blue ray?”

consumer 1:
“it’s a high definition dvd for your hdtv.”

consumer 2:
“ok. cool. so, i can just ask for an hd dvd player?”

consumer 1:
“no, no, no. hd dvd is something different. the two formats are incompatible. you want blu-ray. it’s named after it’s blue laser.”

consumer 2:
“ah. got it. so, what color is the laser on an hd dvd player?”

consumer 1:
“um…. blue.”

consumer 2, muffled behind his receiver, plugging in cables:
“so. wait. what do i want to get again? the hd dvd format with the blue laser? or the blue ray format that’s not a high defintion dvd?”

consumer 1:

consumer 2, gets his progressive scan dvd player hooked up:
“oh, hey! check this out! look at how good my dvds look in hd now on my new hdtv! man, i love this high definition dvd stuff!”

consumer 1:


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