Fun with Words

so.  some of you may have seen that text analysis done on the recent ces/macworld keynotes.  i’ll tell you what, that text analysis tool is pretty damn cool.

so, here’s what i did:  i just quickly dug up some justifiably breathy text from myself, raph koster, tycho and that famous nwn flower-power ngj review mashed them up and barfed them through the analysis.

the results?


Total Word Count: 1575
Total Unique Words: 637
Number of Sentences: 71
Average Words per Sentence: 22.24
Hard Words: 122 (7.75%) (what’s this?)
Lexical Density: 40.44% (what’s this?)
Fog Index: 11.97 (what’s this?)


Total Word Count: 657
Total Unique Words: 360
Number of Sentences: 34
Average Words per Sentence: 19.34
Hard Words: 51 (7.76%) (what’s this?)
Lexical Density: 54.79% (what’s this?)
Fog Index: 10.83 (what’s this?)


Total Word Count: 983
Total Unique Words: 409
Number of Sentences: 117
Average Words per Sentence: 8.43
Hard Words: 82 (8.34%) (what’s this?)
Lexical Density: 41.61% (what’s this?)
Fog Index: 6.70 (what’s this?)


Total Word Count: 737
Total Unique Words: 399
Number of Sentences: 26
Average Words per Sentence: 28.34
Hard Words: 66 (8.96%) (what’s this?)
Lexical Density: 54.14% (what’s this?)
Fog Index: 14.92 (what’s this?)

what does any of that mean?  well.  the fog index slays me.  heh.  or, rather, it means i’m easy to understand.

ha!  hardly.

it just means that all those short, staccato sentences i keep peppering my prose with are hurty my average sentence length.  i mean, really?  119 sentences?  whew.  (ha!  that was three right there!)

not that i care much about sentence length.  i enjoy controlling the ebs and flows of my text.

now, if only i’d figure out where the damn shift key is….


8 comments so far

  1. m3mnoch on

    it should be noted that the fog index means i write at about a 6th grade level. ha!



  2. Raph on

    Damn, what post did you pick from me? Usually, I write for around 6th grade level, but you must have picked some dense entries…

  3. m3mnoch on

    heh. this one with the book reviews:

    i was trying for dense stuff. wanted to “mostly” compare apples to apples.


  4. Grindstone on

    You write at a 6th grade level so my brain doesn’t hurt. Although you could use a little shift key in your life. I hear it is a real uplifter.

    Damn puns.

  5. maeldron on


  6. maeldron on

    Heh ok sorry about the all caps, that hurt me to do it.

    All and all I would say that is a pretty cool tool though. The shift key is a nice key though, I mean they even made it a little bigger, well damn near twice the size to try and entice people to use it. When I say people, I mean m3mnoch, yes they made it bigger just for you, use it 🙂

  7. covert.c. on

    The shift key is a conspiracy by keyboard manufacturers to make us *think* we’re writing at a grade 6 level.

  8. […] saw this blog post with text analyses of various articles by different authors – very fascinating stuff with lots of […]

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