We Now Have a Wii60

i finally have a wii.

well.  not yet, i suppose.  my wife has one and she’s on her way home with it.  i’m still technically here at the office.

here’s the story, tho:

so, my son had a dentist appointment today (he’s almost 3) and jocelyn (my wife) swung by target (in boise, idaho) on her way home to get him a special treat for being such a trooper at the dentist.  on her way back to the toy section, she stopped by the check on the wii status. 

they had 5 sitting there.

no extra controllers — damn disappointing.  so, of course she calls me.  “i thought these were hard to find.”  i said, “yep.  grab one.  now!”

so, she calmly has the clerk put one up by the front counter for her and proceeds back to the toys to get quentin a treat.  they decided on a fun puzzle for him and stopped back by the wii display on their way up to the front.

they only had 2 left. 

15 minutes.  3 wiis gone.  that’s a bit different than the 9 ps3s a week some stores are doing.

heh.  people that know me will certainly not have a hard time imagining me swinging my new wiimote like a toolbox, that’s for sure.

viva la wii60.


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  1. Grindstone on

    Be sure to post your impressions on the Wii experience. I have yet to see a functioning Wii myself. The only one I’ve seen was at Target in a kiosk, but some tool had stolen the wiimote so I couldn’t play anything.

  2. Wiicon on

    We Now Have a Wii60

    [Source: Addicting Entertainment] quoted: I have yet to see a functioning Wii myself. The only one I’ve seen was at Target in a kiosk, but some tool had stolen the wiimote so I couldn’t play anything.

  3. Soren K on

    Grindstone- the wii is quite fun, even my wife (who hates videogames and had to be drug kicking and screaming to the demo stand) had a fun time playing tennis and bowling (the line was too long for Zelda so I’m not sure how that runs). The problem for me is that the wii release schedule looks so slim, in terms of games built on more than just the wiimote gimmick, and I’m afraid it’s going to feel like another gamecube desert.

    Fortunately the 360 looks to have an awesome upcoming year to supplement any droughts. Wii60 FTW!

  4. Opa on

    w00t! gratz on the wii!

  5. Isaac on

    I was planning on getting a Wii soon because of Zelda TP, but I have a gamecube, so I don’t think the “extras” on the Wii version are actually worth 250 bucks (especially if you consider that the Wii is a redesigned gamecube with a new controller), so i’ll get the one for gamecube. Yeah, it has Wii Sports and the virtual console, but I will wait till it gets a few more Wii exclusive original games (such as sadness), or a price drop, or both. Probably 2007.

    I have a 360 too, but I think I rushed into buying it. I don’t find gears of War to be the best game of the year. It’s pretty cool, shiny and Gory, but I think it’s repetitive and short. I’ve also had problems with it and with costumer support. I love its non-gaming features, but with the problems I’ve had with my Xbox(es) 360, I’m afraid of using those features a lot.

    As for PS3, I will also wait till it gets plenty of more games. When Motorstorm, Warhawk, Lair, White Knight Story, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy come out, I think it’ll be worth it.

    By the way, did you hear that Blu-ray has insane support from the Japanese? It has supposedly 96% marketshare in Japan (when compared to HD-DVD or course), and it was also reported at CES that Blu-ray has been picking up lately in amazon (in the USA).

  6. maeldron on


    So when are you hosting a wii party 🙂

    Bring it to Marks on Thursday

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