I’ve Been Tagged

btw, duncan over at suttree has tagged me.  i’ll have those up here soon.

gotta play with my wii first.  heh.



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  1. Isurus on

    The questions is, which Wii are you going to play with? (I kidd…I kidd). I’m a little nervous about the Wii. I’m afraid that, if it takes off and becomes extremely popular, it may kill gaming as we currently know it. Developers will follow the money and simply create simple, but fun, mini-games for the Wii and forget about the “hardcore” games that I love. My hobby will be effectively finished. It is probably a totally irrational thought, but I’m still a little worried. As fun as the Wii can be, I still prefer my 360.

  2. m3mnoch on

    heh. yeah. i know what you mean.

    tho, you shouldn’t worry at all. game developers love making games they like to play. the ones who make hard core games aren’t going to switch up and make a wii bowling game.

    i mean, hell. you can find just as many muds, moos and mushes today as you could when i was in college back in ’92. (i blame my 1.8 gpa that first semester on them!)

    that, and i see the wii more as a party platform. big hardware sales. low attach rate. it’ll be the pictionary of the next 5 years. they are 2 completely different segments. it’ll be board/card games that take a hit from the wii, not your “traditional” video games.

    that’s one of the reasons the ps3 price is so hard to swallow. you can either get a ps3 and lock yourself into one realm, or you can wii60 and get the best of both worlds — and not in one lump sum payment.


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