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Rumor Alert: Blu-Ray Diodes

so, it comes from an “insider” over at

Firstly, the success rate of the diodes is said to be 30% right now – a frighteningly shite percentage, considering a million are supposed to be out by the year’s end.

and this:

And let’s just say that those in charge of a certain key exclusives (ones I can’t name explicitly by pain of death) are moving their wares to both machines as a result of this.

sounds pretty much like poo i’ve been flinging for about a year now.


if only people would just listen to me and do what i say instead of making their own opinions, the world would be a much better place.  heh.

[in my best white goodman impression] i’m just joking, of course.  (okay, not really…)  no really!  (nope — not really.)


More High Definition DVD Metrics

all the price and quality speculation aside, what’s the main reason hd-dvd is going to prevail as the new format?  simple.

it’s name.

blu-ray is a fancy, non-descriptive fluff name.  while, it’s battling to explain what it is to consumers, hd-dvd doesn’t need to.  it gets to ride off the simplicity of its name.

stop and think about it. 

if you’re in the market for an high definition dvd player, what are you going to search for?  yes — hd dvd.  what are you going to find?  hd-dvd.  what are the best buy people going to sell you when you ask for “hd dvd?”  yep.  “hd-dvd.”


High Definition DVD Formats

so. let me get this straight — you want to pay $200 more for a console with games that look the same because it plays a movie format that looks the same with similar features but has 2/3 the titles?

cheapest blu-ray player on amazon?

Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-Ray Disc Player
Price: $714.99
Sales rank: 2044
Rating: 2.5 stars

cheapest hd-dvd player on amazon?

Price: $438.88
Sales rank: 405
Rating: 4.5 stars

notice the sales rank part?  and the ratings?  yeah. the people are speaking with their wallets, guys. the “format war” is already on its way out. you know why those “average third party” sales are lower for blu-ray? used discs.

jeezus, but the ps3 is looking like a stupid proposition.


Microsoft Upbeat? That’s Weird.

i don’t really know why microsoft wouldn’t be upbeat.  with their competition not showing up, it’s gonna be an xbox holiday.

especially in europe.

North America remains the strongest Xbox 360 market, however Microsoft appears to be making some strides in other geographies, most notably in the U.K. and northern Europe, while we believe sales are still weaker in Japan

i’ve said it before, japan doesn’t matter and whomever wins in europe wins the game.

… so to speak.