so.  i’m cursed, by the way.  forever destined to have “game design a.d.d.”

basically, here’s what we’re up to for a bit.  we’re taking a lot of the structure and community features and some other magic from what we built with and wrapping it around a much simpler game.

the timeframe to implement this simpler game is much, much shorter and we are already 3/4 done with the site just because of the work we’ve already done.

what kind of game you ask?

heh.  you will know soon enough.  here’s a hint tho.  it’s social-resource-gameplay.

so, i’m headed under cover — probably until the holidays are over.  we should have more to talk about then.

you guys should feel bad for tj and ben for having to put up with my barrage of game ideas.  i have probably thrown a dozen “what abouts?” at them in the last 12 months.


damn that game design attention deficit disorder.


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  1. SorenK on


    sorry this is a totally unrelated to this topic, just wanted to let you know that I love reading your posts over on the joystiq website. your ability to clearly articulate complicated concepts and mix in a a thoughtful commentary to the topic is a gift.


  2. m3mnoch on

    hey, man. thanks. i genuinely appreciate that.


  3. covert.c. on

    This is both unrelated to the post, the comment above me and even joystiq… just wanted to wish you and the Singular a very Merry Christmas!

    Cheers man!

  4. maeldron on

    Hey we need a Merry Christmas Blog from you so all of us can come say Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Merry Christmas bro. See you in a few days

  5. m3mnoch on

    heh. there you go. it’s posted.

    merry christmas! ho, ho, ho!


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