Age of Conan

saw it was coming to the 360 and i was literally paralyzed with joy.  conan was the only game i’d consider going back to a pc for.

keep in mind, tho, this is coming from the guy with a huge stack of conan comics and books — from savage sword to conan the king.

hell.  my shar-pei is named “conan.”



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  1. Grindstone on

    Heh, my GT is Conan (something, something). I just watched the Conan Barbarian flick over the weekend as well.

    I read this info earlier today as well and was joyed, yet dismayed. I do like the Conan series, but not enough to pay MMO fees a la WOW, especially if it is on top of XBL fees. If it had stayed on PC then I could have pulled my “console snob” card and not worried about it. Now I’ll have to reconsider things…

  2. m3mnoch on

    hm. grindstone. i’m starting to believe you and i were separated at birth.


  3. voorshwa on

    Oh hell no. I can deal with one m3mnoch, not 2. Start saying you love PS3 and Sony, Grindstone. PLEASE!!!


  4. Grindstone on

    lol, sorry voorshwa. I’ll say this: long live direct competition to Msoft!

    I heard, albeit from a Sony loyalist, that Conan was also coming to the PS3. Not sure whether that is legit or not, but hopefully that is some consolation to you voorshwa.

    Best regards,


  5. maeldron on

    I can barely deal with one m3mnoch, Grind you seem like a nice guy, it’s a shame I will have to hunt you down and break your internet now 🙂

  6. Grindstone on

    Hmm… so are there more people against m3mnoch here than supporting him? I mean, sure, m3mnoch is the devil and all, but surely he has some support… right?

    Oh and maeldron, feel free to break my internet. However, be forewarned that I only do this from my work, which is a law firm. So it would probably be a serious injustice to humanity to not burn the place down while your at it.


  7. m3mnoch on

    heh. don’t worry about them grindstone. m & v just have to deal with me in real life, so you can imagine their dismay upon finding out i have a twin!


  8. maeldron on

    And trust me when I say m3mnoch’s sunny disposition on the internet in no way carries over to real life… 🙂

    A law firm huh, great now I am going to get busted for making threats over the internet, wait I think I hear someone pounding on my door….

  9. covert.c. on

    I’m on m3mnoch’s side, but I don’t support 2 of him. I mean, he’d be arguing with himself ALL day! 🙂

    Conan. Effing. Rules. What is best in life?

  10. Grindstone on

    The answer to that covert.c., is the motto for my GT: To crush your enemies… mwuh-hahahah!

    maeldron, admittedly, m3mnoch’s sunny disposition is contagious. You must be really blessed to know him in person… heh…

    Oh, and I won’t be pounding on your door anytime soon, I am (hopefully) leaving the “practicing” law aspect at the end of this month. It’s just too dirty for my standards.

  11. maeldron on

    It’s not the only thing on him that is contagious, but we aren’t allowed talk about that.


  12. Nihill on

    Thank god for antibiotics, eh m3mnoch?

  13. m3mnoch on

    mmmm… poppin’ penicillin like pez outta porky pig over here.


  14. Nihill on

    Back to the ‘topic’ my only concern is that we either:

    1. Won’t be able to play with the PC and 360 people at the same time. (different worlds, servers, shards, whatever you want to call them) For me at least this would take all of the joy out of the announcement. I think being able to play with your buddies that don’t play MMO’s normally would be a ton of fun

    2. The controls will be limited by one side or another. For example, if the controls on the PC side weren’t near the level of WoW (3rd person camera control, customization, etc.) it would be very difficult for me to play. At the same time, as I think I remember the promise of Realm vs. Realm style play in Conan, I wonder how they will attempt to balance the PvP aspect if we are able to play cross platform.


  15. covert.c. on

    I’m with Nihill on this – those are totally valid concerns. I would go so far as to say they’re not two, but three separable issues.

  16. maeldron on

    Also how will cross platforms communicate? Not everyone who has a PC has a mic and what not. As much fun as it would be to plug a keyboard in my 360, I am not going too, that is why I have a PC.

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