5 Dumb Reasons to Like the PS3

this’s dumb. it reminds me of a stupid ps3 top 10 list that hit right before the 360 launched last year.  you know — the list that catapulted me to blog.  i wouldn’t mind someone putting together a top 5 list of reasons to like a ps3, but, dammit, at least use good reasons. 

as in, none of your reasons should be formatted as follows:

[insert reason] is a great reason to get a ps3 if you [reason qualification].

for example, if you love sony.  or if you have a high definition setup.  or if you want high definition dvds.

no.  it should stop right after “ps3.”  as in:

[insert reason] is a great reason to get a ps3.

like, for example, “xbox live is a great reason to get an xbox.”  or “the wiimote is a great reason to get a wii.”

…anyway.  on to ric romero manning.

3 of his reasons are based on a set of unlikely prerequisites:

1) you actually care about high definition dvd because it requires…

2) actually having a big hdtv to go with it.

and 3) how many people actually have a psp?

the other two are just dumb.  there’s 4) you have a bunch of ps2 games, but no ps2 to play them on.  or even better, 5) “New games for a new box.” 

what the hell?

dammit!  i forgot!  the ps3 is the only console that’s going to have new games!  doh!  basically he’s saying, “if you’re a sony fan and you have a hi-def setup, you’ll want the ps3.”

no shit. really?

for the rest of us, with the same $600, if you don’t have/care about any of that, you can get a console with similar graphics AND a fistful of good AAA games AND some live arcade games. or a console that’s more fun (sony’s words, not mine) and an extra $350 worth of games….

yeah. you read that right.

for the price of the ps3, you can get a wii AND $350 in games.  seriously, are there any better reasons not to get a ps3 than that?



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  1. Grindstone on

    But he looks so happy! Surely that must justify some of his claims…

    I feel as though this was a bought-and-paid-for article since the NYT lambasted teh PS3 earlier. A sort of “damage-control” if you will.

    Aren’t console wars fun? We get to shift through propaganda and try to piece the truth out of it. Better than working…

  2. Kane on

    every one bash the PS2 when it came out and look at it, sold 112 millions (20 millions Xbox)

    so im gonna buy a PS3 no matter what the internet comunity says about it.

    and also, remember PS1?
    “Playwhat? from Sony? those guys were making walkmans and now consoles? no way its gonna sell, i’ll buy a Sega Saturn” (PS1 sold 106 millions and killed SS)

  3. m3mnoch on

    good for you, lemming. buy your ps3. i’ll even help you out and point you in the right direction on where to get one:


    right now, in my zip code 1 out of the 7 supported retailers have it in stock. go get it tiger!

    or, you can just buy it for damn near retail on ebay:

    what’s stopping you from getting the system? arguably the worst console launch in history as far as units available — and you can get them for retail! with no problems! only a month later!

    obviously an awesome, tremendously sought after system!

    and, yep. since you’re a huge history buff, let’s look at it. let’s look back to the console that pwned and didn’t get lazy after 2 successful generations. let’s look back at the console maker who had a three-peat.

    oh. wait. nevermind.

    there’s never been one — ever. in over 30 years. and the ps3 is looking to be the worst 3rd followup from the whole group. at least the n64 had a solid performance.

    tho, please. don’t let that stop you. buy your ps3. especially if it’ll make you happy.


  4. Isaac on

    Well, the PS3 just needs to be fully available (as in supply meeting 100% of the demand or more) and a few more games. That way we’ll know if it’s really a flop, or if it simply needed the content that is comming soon; but right now, it’s impossible to tell. I have a 360 and plan to get both Wii (Sadness, Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy, a new Zelda (not TP), and innovative games) and a PS3 (Lair, White Knight Story, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy, among others).

    As a non-gaming machine, I think the PS3 is awesome (but not flawless) if you know how to use Linux and are willing to spend a lot on a huge hard drive. But again, everything Linux does should come with PS3 out of the box, without Linux.

  5. Brian on

    Are luxury cars sitting on the lot at the Mercedes dealer not desired? Or are Corvettes or Mustangs not “in-demand”? My point is that just because something is out of some (most) people’s price range does not mean that it “SUXORS” or that no body wants it. The PS3 may fail, I hope it doesn’t because the competition between Microsoft and Sony will cause better games to come to both systems. Don’t get my started on the Wii (I own one, and I enjoy it to an extent). Games are about games, what you do, how you do it and how you see it. The Wii has all but the last of those figured out. Problem is I own an HD and I want my games to play well and look good. Anyway I’m going to get called a Sony fanboy either way (even though I own a 360 and a Wii, and I’m only looking to get a PS3 sometime soon). I guess like Sony I just can’t win 😉

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