Rumor Alert: Blu-Ray Diodes

so, it comes from an “insider” over at

Firstly, the success rate of the diodes is said to be 30% right now – a frighteningly shite percentage, considering a million are supposed to be out by the year’s end.

and this:

And let’s just say that those in charge of a certain key exclusives (ones I can’t name explicitly by pain of death) are moving their wares to both machines as a result of this.

sounds pretty much like poo i’ve been flinging for about a year now.


if only people would just listen to me and do what i say instead of making their own opinions, the world would be a much better place.  heh.

[in my best white goodman impression] i’m just joking, of course.  (okay, not really…)  no really!  (nope — not really.)


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