More High Definition DVD Metrics

all the price and quality speculation aside, what’s the main reason hd-dvd is going to prevail as the new format?  simple.

it’s name.

blu-ray is a fancy, non-descriptive fluff name.  while, it’s battling to explain what it is to consumers, hd-dvd doesn’t need to.  it gets to ride off the simplicity of its name.

stop and think about it. 

if you’re in the market for an high definition dvd player, what are you going to search for?  yes — hd dvd.  what are you going to find?  hd-dvd.  what are the best buy people going to sell you when you ask for “hd dvd?”  yep.  “hd-dvd.”



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  1. KitDoc on

    While it may appear to you to be a simple, no-brainer issue, it is not. With any new product, it’s all about “branding”. The market branding of Blue-ray is coming from well over 100 companies, many with big wallets, that have the interest to make it succeed. The marketing blitz is only beginning to warm up.
    Why does someone need an explanation? Because, if you do walk into a shop and browse titles, you’re going to be presented with both types. Some titles in both camps, others not. Universal studios being the only one that will not sell Blue-ray at present.
    And if the Adult Entertainment industry helps to drive the format battle as they did in the past. The name won’t matter.
    Maybe we’ll have to change our cliche to the “Blue Light” district… 😉

  2. m3mnoch on

    “The market branding of Blue-ray is coming from well over 100 companies, many with big wallets, that have the interest to make it succeed.”

    so, i’m guessing you missed this link in my earlier post:

    this is my favorite metric — the average sales rank of top 10 dvds.
    blu-ray: 3,535
    hd-dvd: 925

    basically, it’s all about sell through. blu-ray doesn’t have it. the studios publish to whatever has the best sell through.


  3. covert.c. on

    What does this say about the Wii?

  4. m3mnoch on

    nothing. the wii is for games. not movies…. heh.


  5. m3mnoch on

    tho, now that you mention it, i’ve been saying that the wii will sell the most hardware units for a few months now.

    the bummer about that is that it’s going to be the novelty console. the one that a lot of folks have and they whip it out with friends over. not much of a solitary gaming thing. the wii will be king of the meatspace shared gaming and the 360 will be king of the virtual space shared gaming.

    because it’s basically this millennium’s version of “cribbage” or “cranium,” the attach rate for software isn’t really going to be that stellar. when folks come over, you just whip out wii sports or something.

    it’s not going to be a long and deep gameplay console, but a short and shallow one.


  6. Opa on

    Blu-ray was a terrible choice for a name. It’s amorphous and doesn’t really mean anything in and of itself, except a reference to the color of the laser.

    HD-DVD is entirely descriptive in what it provides.

    Blu-ray is still not ready for primetime which is quite clear from the lack of available models to purchase, lack of ps3’s as players, etc. I would have to guess the population of HD-DVD players that are running in the wild right now far exceeds that of the Blu-Ray population. This delta will only continue to increase due to production problems of the diode. At some point, Fox and Disney will have to realize their format choice was incorrect.

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