PS3 == Minidisc

so, i’m just sitting here, working, and a strange analogy just struck me. it’s the similarity in music media and game consoles.

for the geeks out there:
ps3 : minidisc :: xbox 360 : cd :: wii : itunes :: pc : cd-r

a bit of explanation.

ps3 : minidisc

xbox 360 : cd

  • both are unmaleable. (compared to the original xbox or the ps3, for example)
  • both work well with your current supporting technology. (i.e. pc, mce, ALL tvs and audio outs, ALL plug and play devices — all kinds of tertiary tech — it still doesn’t play those damn cassette tapes tho!)
  • both have relatively uneditable content from a delivery perspective.  (once you get it out of context tho, it’s a different story)

wii : itunes

  • both are radically unlike the others.
  • many people will play both, but not very deep.
  • both have strong “everyman” support but not a lot of supergeek support.
  • well… apple and nintendo. peas in a pod.

pc : cd-r

  • both play, hold, run whatever you want them too.
  • both are applicable outside of the industry.
  • it’s the wild, wild west where anything goes.


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