Tracking PS3 Defect Issues #4 – Bluetooth Controllers

so, since this is technically a series, i suppose it’s my duty to report these playstation 3 freakshow things when they popup.  bluetooth connectivity for controllers.  btw, sony’s gonna want to offer some wired controllers here pretty quick.

the funny thing about this tho?  i have a draft post from august titled “bluetooth bummer” that is really just a few notes on why bluetooth is bad for mission critical connectivity in a wifi saturated area.  i got busy and never found the time to flesh it out.

basically, it comes down to: spectrum hopping is good.  sharing is bad.  there’s a reason microsoft didn’t go with an off-the-shelf technology for their controllers — this is it.  they don’t need to obey all the bluetooth sig rules.  (disclaimer: i work/worked for a company who was a co-creator of bluetooth)

i mean, really, raise your hand if you hate your bluetooth mouse. *raises hand*  i got rid of that thing the week after i got it.

anyway, probably my favorite snippet of text from that whole article?  the little sony-drone in the comments.

I had it happen a few times during my SP Resistence jaunt, i would be running along and then id try to turn it something and id just keep running straight for like 5 seconds until the controller resynced.

It even got me killed one time, but overall not that bad.

… not that bad.  for microsoft and nintendo, that is.


6 comments so far

  1. m3mnoch on

    lots of anecdote on the gaf forums.


  2. DopeWANAbuy on

    HaHa no one wants to comment on this Boring Article hea huh. too bad foo L

  3. m3mnoch on

    you do realize the irony of your comment, right?


  4. Jake on

    i’m sure they realize the irony now since the comment was made before anyone really knew the wii-mote was BT. But yea, its funny how the wii-mote has no problems with sync but the ps3 does. Kinda makes Playstation Nintendo’s retarded cousin(considering their previous history).

  5. Key on

    well all in all, commenting on all these deffects, it looks like its best to w8 a year and a half – 2 years b4 u buy a ps3. too many defects, geez.

  6. pj mitchell on

    i belive you all betta resolve this other wise your gonna lose trust customers and most importante money

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