PS3 Problem Probability

so, here’s a thought. if this many reviewers are personally having issues with their ps3, how many end-users will have problems once these things get out in the general public?

mainstreamers will be putting these things in their entertainment centers. mainstreamers will be leaving them on all the time. mainstreamers will destroy these things.


p.s. for the record, my 360 runs damn near 24 hours a day with it’s standby mode.

p.p.s. whew… i think i’m getting tired of bashing the ps3. i’m on record, so, i’ll just go back to talking about more interesting things. this’ll be the last one for a bit — barring someone’s house buring down.

UPDATE: this video is damn funny. the “squeaking” noise is like something out of a cartoon.

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  1. m3mnoch on

    another blogger having issues with their ps3:


  2. Kisakookoo on

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