Controlling Spin

so.  get this.  there are these magical, disappearing posts over in the sony forums.  why do they disappear, you ask?

for the simple reason that they dare compare the ps3 with any other consoles.

While on the PLAYSTATION®3 forum, please keep all content related to the PLAYSTATION®3, its games and accessories, thanks.

Comparison threads about other console’s and their contents vs PS3 aren’t permitted on this board.

heh.  that’s awesome.

sony — if your console is so awesome, why are you so afraid of comparisons?  hmmmm?



2 comments so far

  1. Gamer Andy on

    Sony Forum Nazi’s Hard At Work!

    Word of this comes from M3mnoch over at Addicting Entertainment, (a great place to find unconventional news and commentary)He spotted an interesting trend on the official PS3 forums that was then backed up by the (I assume) EULA…  Essentially…

  2. Grindstone on

    So apparently Sony does support censorship, eh? What next, Soylent Green?

    Oh I hope, I hope…

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