Tracking PS3 Defect Issues #3

3) anybody else having issues with the disc loader?  i’m so very sorry for richard’s friend.  that’s a total bummer.

oh, and the message boards are already “flaming” up.  anyone else notice that all the journo’s sites always show the ps3 out in the open?  in their “testing” setup and not in a “real life” entertainment center?  they’ll soon be burnin’ down the house, folks.  expect overheating to be #4.

this is gonna be a big ball of “i told you so” coming from me, guys.  hang on tight.



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  1. Kane on

    men, you are not an Xbox fan, you are a anti-PlayStation guy.

    gee you even have the link to Kotaku here, the only thing that they write is “PS3 suck” “PS3 suck” “PS3 suck” “PS3 suck” “PS3 suck” “PS3 suck” and “PS3 suck”
    they compared the PS3 with the most untinkcable things.

    men what did Sony did to you?

    ps. hummmm… how many cables did MS had to replace?
    Xbox did burn some wood tables, not the PS2

  2. m3mnoch on

    heh. you’re close. not a playstation hater. i loved the ps1 and the ps2.

    just a ps3 hater.

    well. more like a blu-ray hater. it frustrates the crap out of me that they are trying to foist blu-ray on gamers and inflate their console price $200 because of it — all in the name of “developers need more space!”

    no they don’t. and nobody without anything invested in high definition dvd gives a damn about it.


  3. Grindstone on

    Do you think that Kotaku might be onto something, Kane?

    I wonder…

    P.S. Don’t argue with m3mnoch, he’s the devil.

  4. m3mnoch on

    yeah. it’s not just kotaku. it’s pretty much every media outlet out there. from uber-geeks like ars technica to mainstream bubblegum like business week.

    oh, and grindstone, did you see that he thanked me in his other post for not calling him names? i’m trying to figure out how that one got by. maybe i’m just getting old.

    or maybe he just seems more misguided than sony flamebait.


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