Tracking PS3 Defect Issues #1 and #2

so.  i’ve claimed before that we should be expecting 8%-10% defect issues.  so, i suppose that should dovetail nicely into this series — because, yes, it will be a series. 

we’ll start with the first 2:

1) 720p not upscaling to 1080i on hdtvs that do not have 720p as a display type.

2) losing your hdmi signal randomly.


and, no.  only launching with 1/2 their originally forcasted units doesn’t really count.   nor does the overblown issue of a (relatively) few games not working count.

well.  not towards the “defects in shipped consoles” issues anyway.



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  1. Blue Cadet 3 on

    Would they be able to fix the HDMI dropout with a software update? Or will they have to recall those units? I hope whatever they do ends in me being able to buy one cheaper (refurb).

  2. PS3 Hater on

    The PS3 is all hipe. It sucks, its ugly, and the controllers are as gay as ever. The Xbox 360 is still the King.

  3. m3mnoch on

    blue —

    i honestly don’t know. is it a media mixing issue? is it a board issue? i’d suspect the latter just because of the lack of hardware scalar. not that the scalar would have anything to do with it. it just seems they are related problems from a “design-to-implementation” perspective.

    sort of the “oops, i forgot,” syndrome.

    that being said, i’m sure you’ll get your shot at a refurb, man. they’ll be all over the place.


  4. mike on

    I hear there are faulty fan issues in Wisconsin area. It causes the unit to burn out.

  5. Dan on

    Hey have any of you guys heard anything about the capacitors blowing out or something. Someone at work said he saw something on the news that there with PS3s that had capacitors overloading and they started smoking, but I haven’t heard or read anything online.

    Something that big would cause a recall of every unit…if most of them were at risk. It falls in line with what I’ve heard about them using cheaper capacitors to save money.

    I don’t have one, I got a Wii myself, but I think it would be a shame to see sony lose money like that. Esp. after that battery recall.

  6. m3mnoch on

    hmmm. i haven’t yet. tho, that’s a good point. the ps3 is pushing some serious wattage. and, with an internal power supply, that’s totally a possibility.

    capacitors. interesting thought.


  7. defect tracking on

    defect tracking

    I am all for it. I wonder how many folks actually use these. I built a small store that grew into over 100 thousands items. Its crazy how fast it grows!. Anyway. I agree!

  8. Kane on

    every time a new PlayStation came out anti-Sony guys come bash it, but in the end of the day, the PlayStation platforms allways win.

    im gonna buy a PS3

    these “nex-gen war” is getting very “deja-vu like”

    if you swich Xbox 360 for Dreamcast and PlayStation 3 for PlayStation 2 its like time travel, the same posts, did you guys copy-paste?

  9. No Name on

    Well the war continues,
    PS3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. Nintendo Wii.
    Remember the war of
    PS2 vs. Xbox vs. GameCube?
    The victorious was then and is now Sony.
    PS3 has more than Xbox 360. Better graphics, more polygons per second, and downloads more frames per second. For the future PS3 will out last them all. Like the PS2 did and still is. (FACT).

  10. john doe on

    Hey ask a diehard ps2 owner how many ps2 have you purchesed he will probably say “3” or “4” because of the DISC READ ERROR so divide 4 by 111,250,000 = 27,812,500 sony ripped us all of our money. never buy a product thats produced by aforeigh body always buy U.S cars and U.S products heck go to sears. Nintendo 64 overheated in sometimes 1H:30M wheres the fan nintendo? PSone sucked….PS2 was great if they wouldent of had the DRE hoevwer now I will ony buy an any U.S product aka XBOX 360 which I own and is a killer with my WMC PC by DELL! please dont help japan buy a U.S Product and help the U.S econymy or soon after you will see us as a third world nation

  11. LOCAL on


  12. GUY on

    I just bought a X Box 360 4 hrs ago and its already crashed. I never had problems with my ps2. Returning the piece of s… X Box tomorrow and getting a ps3

  13. spanky on

    fuck all of you get a life hahahahha


  14. Seanjin on

    Ps3 is it. its simple. I did play gears of war today and it was great but…… to me eggbox only has 2 games. halo and gears. Ps3 has more games and there aimed at all aspects not just first person shooters. i love anime and you know or should know that sony is all over anime games. Region A baby say it with me WORLD PEACE.

  15. Prospective Playstation Possessor on

    im seriously considering buying a ps3, but all i want right now before i make my decision is some definate, lamens terms, defects…like it doesnt look good without an hdtv, or its wifi connection sucks, or you cant play it for longer than 3 hours without it overheating….something along those lines, thats what i need to know. please post what you know

  16. SONY OWNS on

    Mine has 0 issues. I accidently left it on all night, it was about 12 hours. It did NOT overheat. Nhl 2k7 constantly freezes. other games don’t

  17. casey on

    i want to get one but all of my friends are calling me an idiot for spending the money please tell me is worth it, worth the $600

  18. DopeWANAbuy on

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