Refreshing Ridge Racer

holy stupid, batman.

so. there’s this huge ridge racer graphics debacle washing over the web. the loyalists are barking back and forth as to which looks better. blah, blah, blah.

who cares?

you want to know what my question is? why the hell is ridge racer 7 the same game as ridge racer 6?

i dunno. let’s ask hideo teramoto:

“When actually getting our hands on the PS3 hardware,” he explained, “as we gained a deeper understanding of what things we could realize, it was clear that we could appreciate something different from 6.” It was with this realization that the team decided to make a new entry in the series.

say what?

Teramoto and crew believe that the Cell and RSX chips give them the chance to achieve a “Feeling of Ridge Racer” better than they were able to in Ridge Racer 6. This includes a “refreshing” sensation of speed.

oh. okay. i get it now.

same tracks and gameplay — but — the new one gives you that “refreshing” sensation.

whadda douche.



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