How to Get Banned From Quarter to Three

eh. i like to think of it as i’m not necessarily “unwelcome” just that i’m a bit too “abrasive” for the crowd. afterall, tom’s a decent fellah.


UPDATE: [snip-snip] tom and my private messages are gone now as he asked me very nicely to take them down. sorry, tom. you were very cordial and professional in them. didn’t think you’d mind.

UPDATE 2: so.  the gist of the messages was this — tom politely asked me to “tone down.”  i said i wouldn’t as i didn’t consider anything i said to be “toned up.”  his forums, his rules.  i’m muted now.  it’s all good.  two guys.  neither budging.  no hard feelings.


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  1. paradox on

    It’s all the damn censorship 🙂

  2. m3mnoch on

    eh. not so much censorship, i think. more like an insular community. afterall, they’ve got this dork able to post still:


    i dunno.


  3. covert.c. on

    If Tom’s going to swing the banhammer then I vote this Bill Dungsroman character.

    His ‘insightful commentary’ is more ‘flameful’ than anyone else’s.

  4. DirtNap on

    I think it’s funny that the owner of those forums was so embarrassed about the private messages to m3mnoch that he asked that they be removed. Guilty conscience?

  5. covert.c. on

    I think that’s a privacy aspect. His site, his policy, ’nuff said.

    I just can’t believe that Bill wasn’t politely asked to clam it up, too.

  6. DirtNap on

    Yep, and if you’re embarrassed that your policies look absurd in the light of day then I can completely see not wanting them posted.

    Don’t mind me, I just have an issue with ‘perceived inequality’. I think asking someone to stop posting because they are abrasive, when someone else who is certainly more abrasive if not outright offensive, is outrageously hypocritical. I’d like to believe that there is some small amount of remorse for that type of behavior, and it’s not just a knee jerk, “Hey, that was a private message”.

  7. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on

    bill dungsroman is the stupidiest prick on the internet. did you actually say flameful? a kindness.

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