10 Things the PS3 Should Do Better

… as stated by the excellent ps3blog.net.  i have a few comments on them.

  1. Four-Player Support
    this one is hard.  games that either a) push the hardware too hard or b) are inefficiently using the hardware run into performance problems with 4 player split screen.  i’m sure this one is coming as developers get more used to the hardware.  (but, what about 7 players?)
  2. PS2 Peripheral Support
    that would be sexy.  again, hopefully it’s coming.

    now, they get ugly….

  3. Improved Game Support for Gamer Songs
    since most popular music sucks, i’m glad my 360 already does this.  it even keeps the same tracks playing as i switch out games.  so cool.
  4. Networked Media
    oh.  and the 360 does this too.
  5. DVD Video Upconversion
    that’s what you get for buying a blu-ray player.  they don’t want regular dvds looking almost as good.  oh, and the 360 does this too.
  6. DivX Support
    with a media center pc and a plugin, the 360 does this too.
  7. In-Game Chat
    360?  check.
  8. EyeToy HD
    just bought my hd camera for the 360.
  9. Better Friend List Support
    you know, maybe it’s just me, but i love seeing my friends popup while i’m watching an upscaled dvd or timeshifted tv streaming from my media center — and not in a game — while on my 360.
  10. What Up with Sound?
    mmmm….  360 digital audio goodness.

anyway.  it’s pretty obvious that the ps3 is a first generation “multimedia” console and the 360 is a second generation one.  sony is trying to compensate by overbuilding the hardware — and skimping on all of the services and features that come with it.

hardware is nice, but software makes the experience.



5 comments so far

  1. henning on

    As to #10, we already know the PS3 supports all the same audio formats as the XBox 360 digitally. The question is about the new formats that Blu-ray supports: Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD, DTS HD Master, etc.

  2. m3mnoch on

    yup. that’s why i didn’t say anything like “360 does this and ps3 doesn’t.” we just don’t know yet.


  3. thugbear2005 on

    Another playstation/sony basher. It’s ok, have fun now, because in a few months the ps3 is gonna make your precious 360 worthless

  4. m3mnoch on

    my precious 360? huh?

    you’re assuming that just because i have a problem with sony’s business model for the ps3, i’m a 360 zealot?

    you, sir, are a retard.


  5. ergv3 on

    sikko blad ps3 fukin rules and evry1 dat thinks 360 is betta is merked

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