Toshiba <3 Blu-ray

i love irony.

see that little word on the chip there?  “TOSHIBA”  you know what that photo is?  it’s part of the largest, most mass-produced blu-ray player ever.  toshiba, on the other hand is all about hd-dvd.

that, my friends, is part of the guts of the ps3 controller.

what’s funnier?  that toshiba is powering the competition or that sony needed them to?



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  1. paradox on

    Just because everyone hates sony (except earphones, the one thing they did right) I’m gonna say that the fact that they can’t make it themselves is hilarious. Sweet, delicious irony.

  2. Factory on

    Hmm Toshiba and IBM helped design and fab the Cell, they’re all just components. With fab startup chip design costs so large it’s unsurprising that big manufacturers would not design and fab all their chips themselves. Same goes for any other players in the HD/console space.

  3. m3mnoch on

    heh. i know, i know. all the slutting around is just funny, tho.


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