More Jack Thompson Proposals

so.  jack’s crazy.  we all know that.  from howard stern to bully, he’s been entertaining.  his latest debacle?  the cease and desist to mortal kombat maker, midway.

now, we all know that’s silly because 1) it’s not a selectable character and 2) it could really be any guy in a suit — my father-in-law for example.  doesn’t matter.

why is it funny?

because, you would think jack knows by now that you don’t make dumb claims AND irritate the gaming population of the world.  (see his previous modest “murder game” proposal mess.)

why?  because they will take you up on it.  they will make fun of you, jack — relentlessly.  in the coming days, expect every web comic and amateur to photoshop jack’s head into every game imaginable.

giant crabs ftw!



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