The PS3 is almost here

so. there are 3 things i am really excited for about the ps3 launch.

  1. the sad looks on the faces of the faithful as the most scrutinized launch in history has hardware issue after hardware issue. expect at least an unprecidented 8-10% failure rate on the ps3 hardware.
  2. the sad looks on the faces of the faithful as they realize the games are really not all that and a bag of chips. sony is over-promising and under-delivering. if you know and expect that, then you won’t be surprised.
  3. most of all: the sad looks on the faces of the faithful as the first network worm destroys any hope of credibility for the online service. it will, funny enough, be started by a link to a website in their proprietary browser they are so proud of. and i’m predicting it will be in the wild by february. just picture the psp firmware hacking community mixed with a persistent online connection — unlike the relatively secure user-deliberate, “spot” connection the psp has. it is going to be so very ugly. by including a web browser, they are allowing 3rd parties to run code on their console. it’s 3rd party network activity that makes windows such a cesspool of viruses and malware. now, sit back and watch a consumer electronics company with a track record of terrible software try to keep an always on connection with access to the wide-open internet secure with their very first 1.0 operating system. there’s a reason the 360 doesn’t have a browser, folks.

none of this is really hating against sony the corporation. it’s the playstation exectutives who’ve managed to wreck all that was wonderful with the ps2 and the ps3.

it honestly makes me sad.


quick note: i’ve got a couple of things i’m trying to find time to post about. one talks about “hooks” for our game. i think it’s pretty interesting. i think you will too. i’ve just been dealing the meta-life crap lately. bleagh. i’ll get to it. i promise.

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  1. Ant on

    Now I am not for or against Sony \ Microsoft but in Sony’s defense, the Xbox 360 is not exactly the cream of the crop in the hardware department. As a system administrator of 3k+ IBM platform systems from servers to workstations, there is not safety in the fact that you basically have a IBM PC with Windows Based OS and ATI GPU all in one box. I haven’t came across one person that when asked “has your XBOX 360 Froze yet?” they answer looking confused and say “No It’s as cool as a fan why do you ask?”. How is it that Playstation can have an internal power supply and still deliver on the same level as xbox. You must of seen Xbox 360’s mini power grid that you plug into the wall and makes your household lights dim when you fire it up. Why is it still getting so hot? Seeing as how the PS3 is built with linux as the background os and using nvidia to do their graphics processing I would expect better performance out of PS3 (would expect).

    Now that I am done bashing Microsoft, you have one thing right. Sony does over promise and under deliver. Not only are games going to come up short. I saw the benchmark comparisons between the 2 and XBOX 360 is out in front with some impressive numbers.
    I tell you to that Sony waited way to long for it’s release. You don’t release after your competitor that is marketing a competitive product for cheaper. You stand to lose to much of your base. If you are going to get better performance and basically the same games for cheaper why would parents buy the PS3. On top of that Wii is looking better and better, which scheduled to release 2 days after and is targeting the younger more excitable crowds with fun local multiplayer and split screen games (which both PS3 and 360 are sorely lacking).

    Finally , web browser is one of the worse things you could do for a gaming console. However, Sony is not marketing a gaming console are they? This reminds me of the PSX. Remember that? Only sold in Japan and never saw the light of day the real market. Sony’s end all system that supposedly would eventually interface with your toaster. You will never need another computer. Ha. I wonder how much that retro system costs now?

  2. […] this is gonna be a big ball of “i told you so” coming from me, guys.  hang on tight. […]

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