PS3 Box Shots

so.  in the resistance: fall of man box shot, anyone notice what’s missing?

bingo.  a blu-ray logo.

why?  well.  because blu-ray discs are still expensive to manufacture and, since “the real” next generation of games still fits on a dvd-9 disc, there’s no need to put them on blu-ray.

why is there a blu-ray drive in there again?  oh yeah.  because sony is greedy.  i forgot.


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  1. jordan on

    Addicting isn’t a word. Addictive is. Trying to be cool loses you points.

  2. m3mnoch on

    note to those late to the party:
    this troll posted the same sentiments yesterday and i answered him there.

    my friend, you’re more than welcome to keep coming back and posting that “addicting” isn’t a word. be my guest. in fact, i’d call you a grammarian, but, that necessitates you being correct — damn. (ooh! did i use that m-dash correctly?!?!? you better check!)

    ah well. you just get the moniker of “me too” troll. at least a “grammarian” has some skill.


  3. jordan's cousin Terry on

    Learn to spell properly. I am a different person, retard.

  4. m3mnoch on

    p-r-o-p-e-r-l-y. how’s that?

    heh. okay then, terry. two quick things:

    1) i obviously don’t have any issues with spelling. i think what you mean is “learn to use grammar.” obviously, the gene pool in your family doesn’t run too awful deep. (just look at that horrible grammar!)

    2) little digg lemmings like you really need to find something to do other than take up some false meme standard just because you think it’s cool. do some research before you start claiming words don’t exist. just because some tool said it on digg doesn’t make it true. and, yeah, i’m calling you a “bandwagon basher.”

    let me point you to where you can get started:


  5. Isurus on

    Isn’t Resistance the game that Sony is touting takes up over 20 gig on a Blue Ray disk (which I can only assume is largely uncompressed)? Have they decided to compress the thing to save coin now?

  6. m3mnoch on

    i dunno. that’s my wondering for posting this. i’m pretty sure if they use blu-ray, they need the mark on the box.

    meh. i could be wrong.

    you have to wonder, tho, how things like oblivion and gears of war fit (with plenty of room left) on a dvd-9 but resistance doesn’t? weird.

    from an article i read somewhere (can’t remember where now) it looked like 11 gigs of the 20 was from pre-rendered cut scenes. i’m sure, encoded with the bloated mpeg-2 codec since that’s (basically) all blu-ray supports.

    it’s no wonder they need so much room on the disc.


  7. Isurus on

    “from an article i read somewhere (can’t remember where now) it looked like 11 gigs of the 20 was from pre-rendered cut scenes. i’m sure, encoded with the bloated mpeg-2 codec since that’s (basically) all blu-ray supports.”

    This has to be the case. I have a hard time believing that Resistance has more assets then a game like Oblivion or even Gears of War. I think what will happen is that they will fill the Blue Ray disks with uncompressed assets and/or prerendered cut scenes encoded with crappy codec in order to try and justify Blue Ray’s existance in the PS3. Also, I won’t be surprised if at least most 3rd party games come on DVD, simply because of cost differences. Why should they eat up profits using an unnecessary medium?

  8. Dan on

    Umm…Terry, you made yourself look like an idiot. If you’re going to try and correct someone, you should make sure it’s not you who’s wrong first. Addicting is obviously a word…

    Just my two cents. Carry on… 🙂

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