A Bit of PS3 Nostalgia

just since today seems to be the day that a huge wrecking ball crushes the thing that will be the ps3, i’d like to share a bit of nostalgia with you guys about the cause of sony’s manufacturing problems.

the blue laser.

the aperture is the biggie tho. i really don’t know how to convey the craziness that is the blu-ray optical head. you’re increasing the width of the laser by 40%, running it though a completely newly invented, crazy dual-lens assembly thing to get the smallest-ever-concieved divot on the disc. it’s truly almost a magical thing. the utter precision it requires is unlike any other pickup ever created. i mean, it’s like a freakin’ optical hard drive.

that choice quote is from a comment i made back in early february.

lots of fun quoatables here: m3mnoch’s blu-ray bashings

warning.  not for the faint of heart.  i’m a mean, mean troll.


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  1. Factory on

    It should be noted that HD-DVD also needs a blue-violet laser, so the console manufacturers had the choice of going with a staying with a smaller disc format, or going for a blue-violet laser in some form.

  2. m3mnoch on

    two things really.

    1) it’s not just the blue laser. it’s the aperture/fitting/housing/mirror/aperture parts of it that separate the two. hd-dvd just relies on the blue laser’s wavelength to add more data to a disc where blu-ray ALSO chops down the divot-making footprint of the blue laser by 40%. it’s that assembly and the precision necessary to make it (think medical equipment) that’s giving them fits.

    2) hd-dvd is only supplying blue lasers to hd-dvd players. sony is trying to push them out to bd players as well as millions of ps3s. duh. anyone *raises hand* could have predicted a shortfall.


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