Now, This Just Plain Irritates Me

from cnet on recent blu-ray news.

the company’s first Blu-ray drive for the PC, the BWU-100A, won’t play commercial Blu-ray titles. You’re stuck playing just your own recorded content for the time being, thanks to the lack of updated hardware and software. HDCP-compliant graphics cards aren’t out yet

so.  here’s the scoop for you not following it.  sony is locking copy protection into the hardware with hdcp.

in other words, you have to watch blu-ray movies when and where sony tells you to.  no copying them.  no putting them on your media center so they are a point-n-click step away from watching.

rawr!  good god!  do you know how awesome it is that i’ve ripped my 2 year olds’ movies to the hard drive so we don’t have to mess with all the stupid beat-up, scratched-up dvds, vhs movies and their respective cases laying around?

yeah.  can’t do that with hdcp.  awesome.

“yes, master, sony.  please.  please prevent legitimate customers from doing legitimate things with your content because you can’t put out entertainment that people are willing to pay for.  please.  and i love the fact that i need to buy movies 2 or 3 times depending on the player.  also, if you would, could you kick me in the nuts too?  that’d be great.  thanks.”

goddammit, but i hate that.



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  1. carlo47 on

    I don’t know why the hell would they release a side and let you use only your own recorded content. Those graphic cards should be out before they released the drives, and they better update those software and hardware.

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