Game Hosting

dude.  all we want is a competent place to setup a dedicated server.  is that really so hard to ask?

god willing, if this stupid hosting debacle works itself out, we’ll have a cool alpha (already moving into un-alpha-tested beta actually) game to show you guys.  well.  and depending on our old place’s exit agreement, i may have a funny and frustrating story to recant — with names!  i’ll prolly still tell the story, but change the names for the innocents….

let me just say this: i would be completely and utterly embarrassed by all of this if i worked for ‘hosting company x.’

right now, i’ll just say — wow.



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  1. mike on

    I can highly recommend:

    (US) ev1/rackshack –
    One of the industry leaders in dedicated hosting for years now. Their network is just insane, have had many growing pains though, which you’ll be quick to hear about. Never had a major problem with them though, the McDonalds of dedicated hosting, but if you’re comfortable with server administration and need little hand-holding, should have no worries.

    (EU) rackcheck –
    Smaller company that I’ve had several dedicated boxes with for about 3 years now. They are great for EU bandwidth and also not so bad for US customers. Based in Germany, in the Telia-Sonera data center with multiple connections to the largest EU consumer bandwidth providers (means people in the UK, Germany, France, Austria, etc get great performance – low latency). Email them and ask about their development box/lower-power specials.

    Also check out lots of dedicated hosting reviews and specials.

    Good luck!

  2. m3mnoch on

    mike. thanks, man. i’ll check into ev1.


  3. Isaac on

    This might be of interest to you. It seems that some 3rd party hardware developer has solved the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD issue for once. Check it out.

  4. alojamento web on

    Great suggestions by mike, is the place to look and discuss webhosting. Ill through in an other vote for EV1 (The Planet) they offer good value for money.

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