Alpha Delayed.

i know, i know. i’ve been delaying it long enough.

tho. this time, it’s really not my fault. i’ve spent all week dealing with dedicated hosting support nightmares and (in my opinion deal breaking) incompitencies.

the hosting company — to remain nameless as of yet — has worked hard to win back my opinion, tho. if everything they’ve promised goes smoothly this weekend and into next week, we’ll stay with them. if not: the boot and all the bile-ridden, blog-flaming they can handle.

so, we may go live next week, or if things go south, as soon as we get a new hosting company.

anyway, sorry about that guys. (all 3 of my readers, heh.) if you want pre-alpha access, let me know. i’ll set you up with an account on our dev box.


2 comments so far

  1. Chris on

    I recently found your site and it’s a good read. I’ve been checking back for updates on when your alpha is launched. Looking forward to seeing it 🙂

  2. m3mnoch on

    hey. thanks. sorry it’s delayed. just working with my hosting company right now is an exercise in futility. bleagh.

    send me an email at if you want to peek at the pre-basically-alpha dev site.


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