Chaos Gate Going to Alpha

so. 'chaos gate' is the sub-descriptor title for our web-based mmorpg. and, we're going alpha next week.

we just got the server up and running this morning around 2am. gotta clean some stuff up this next week. should have the game ready for alpha testers by next weekend.

at this point, only the brave need apply. however, we won't be keeping it secret anymore, so it'll be a full public alpha. and, you guys can check out the hard work that i swear is gonna put tj in the hospital. (he seriously deserves your sympathy. i sure as hell wouldn't work with me.)

i'm floggin' him like the ugly scullery-urchin he is.

"work faster, man! go, go, go! it's only 2am, you sissy!"



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  1. Andrew on


  2. Grindstone on

    Good, maybe you could come back to Joystiq now. You’re in danger of falling off the top 10 posters there.

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