Oh. My. God.

what the hell are they thinking?

"bob.  i've got an idea."

"what's that, joe?"

"let's do a podcast!"

"great idea!  when can the pr department work up a script?"

"in about 2 weeks.  do we have any monkeys to read it?"

"hmmm…  good question.  i'll dig some up."

sony is going to become a synonym for bad here soon.  i mean, how do you write, direct, read, record and post that without knowing it's the worst thing ever published?

i was able to make it through about 4 minutes before i had to shut it off.  i've sat through quarterly earnings presentations that were more exciting than that. 

seriously.  embarrassing.

all i can do is hope the penny arcade guys get ahold of it.  heh.  pure comedy gold. 


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  1. Grindstone on

    … They are taking “kamikazi” to a whole new level. May the divine wind carry them to their coffen swiftly.

    Is it arrogance? Is that why? I am perplexed. Maybe someone with more insight can opine on this matter.

  2. Andrew on

    If you’re interested in a bit more insight on what went into that podcast, Ryan posted the following thread on the MMO Round Table forums – http://www.mmoroundtable.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=106

  3. m3mnoch on

    for posterity:

    I’d love to do random babble type podcasts, but unfortunately that’s not an option yet. At the moment, the script has to be written, passed through PR/Marketing, checked over again, sent to Legal, recorded, then passed through the same channels. I was the one who wrote it, and it saw very few revisions, but I do agree that it sounded scripted because… it was. Next time around I’m going to see if I can get away with bullet points and just make things up as I go, then get it signed off on after recorded.
    Ryan “Blackguard” Shwayder


  4. m3mnoch on

    oh. thanks for the link, andrew. that poor bastard.


  5. Poker Player on

    Let’s see…

    Rapid speaking.
    Lack of voice intonation.
    Crappy music playing in the background.
    Seriously scripted.

    I have to sit in on national conference calls about once per month, and they’re certainly not this boring.

    I like when Christina is asking questions, how her voice just sort of trails off at the end of each statement.

    Then, the ‘exciting music’ as a segue…

    I fast forwarded half-way through, and you can tell that none of these people have ANY voice skills at all. I’ve done presentations from a script in the past, and you’ve GOT to put some personality into it. Otherwise, they sound dry, dull, boring – sort of just like this.

  6. Darniaq on

    It’s suits trying to be cool, gain street cred on the backs of their creative folks.

    I feel bad for them too. It sucks to try and do something cool without being able to DO it cool.

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